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Shinjuku Market District

The Shinjuku Market District is the new primary commercial area on Hanako's World. Built in YE 35, hopes to eventually compete with Kyoto, Yamatai and Gunther Shopping Center to be the SARPiverse's greatest shopping district.

It is divided into two major sections: the restaurants and the shops, and is also full of street vendors. The buildings are built in a historic-inspired style with decorative carved stone and brick facades. In YE 36, Shinjuku Starport was built next to the market district, placing the centers of transportation and commerce next to each other for maximum convenience.

Got a shop idea? See the Guide To Being a Merchant in Star Army.


The newly-constructed Shinjuku Starport is located at one end of the market district, meaning travelers have immediate walking access to cars, trains, and starships. See the starport's page for details on travel destinations.

Tourist Attractions

Starting in YE 37, the Shinjuku Market District expanded beyond just shops and began looking into tourist attractions to give people unique reasons to visit. The first of these was the Hanako Military Museum.

  1. Hanako Military Museum - A showcase of military collectibles owned by celebrity admiral Hanako.

Restaurant Section

These places to get food are clustered together within the market district. Most restaurants here are in two-story buildings with large glass windows in front.

  1. Doki Doki YSA!, a maid cafe
  2. Kikyo Pie Company, a pizza chain opened in YE 41
  3. Meat On A Stick, a fast food meat chain
  4. Ramen To Go, a noodle chain
  5. Sam's Island is a pristine bar known for its huge wine and rum selection, island-themed decor, coconut shrimp, and hibachi grill shows.
  6. Sea Of Plenty, a cheap sushi chain
  7. The Admiral's Grill, a steakhouse known for its Nepleslian bourbon and delicious filet mignon.
  8. The Golden Tabernacle, a coffee bar known for its great coffee and computers embedded into every table.
  9. VCE Cafe, an internet lounge with a Pizza shop
  10. Warm and Sweet, a government-operated chain coffeehouse

Shops and Businesses

These shops tend to fill their front windows with examples of their merchandise on mannequins or robots). There are also some car dealerships with lots on the outskirts of the shopping district.


  1. Various other clothing stores (OOC: Make up some!)

Food and Drink

  1. Shinjuku Bakery
  2. Shinjuku Bottle Shop
  3. Shinjuku Butcher
  4. Shinjuku Deli
  5. Shinjuku Fish Fry

General Stores

Health and Personal Care

  1. Shinjuku Barber Shop
  2. Shinjuku Chemist
  3. Shinjuku Onsen

Home and Garden

  1. Shinjuku Antiques
  2. Shinjuku Drapery
  3. Shinjuku Gardening
  4. Shinjuku Hardware


  1. β€œThe Pleasure Market” (provides comfort bed usage or sex with androids). It is a brick building with a wine bar on the bottom floor.



  1. Kenobi Izotz has temporarily set up a small booth selling plushies here.


  1. Emrys Industries car dealership
  2. Shinjuku Garage
  3. Shinjuku Rentals


  1. Zen Armaments gun shop


  1. Ketsurui Zaibatsu office (sells communicators and is a place to meet a KZ representative)

Street Vendors

Many carts line the crowded marketplace streets, with sellers hawking goods from all over the universe.

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