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Sood Zadra

Sood Zadra is a neutral civilian spaceport built by Kuvexians on planet UX-3 III in the UX-3 star system. It is known for its weapons manufacturing and ship fabrication business, which make it a frequent stop for mercenary groups and pirates raiding the Kikyo Sector.


During the Kuvexian War, mercenaries have been waging battles in this sector. The reason is simple: mercenaries will roam all over the sector, trying to earn more money, and their job is to fight to take control of important settlements. They are paid by wealthy merchants who want influence and control. UX-3 was conquered by the Kuvexian Navy in the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41. After this, the star system was claimed by a Kuvexian Manufacturing Corporation called Quallox Vaibal which built shipyards and factories on the surface and a sophisticated defense network that could destroy vessels in seconds. Two “shipyard battlestations” had been constructed for the purpose, but also served as docking posts for civilian ships. This system was off-limits to all military ground units and warships, with transport ships only being able to use these docks if they were escorted by the shipyard battlestations.

Upon announcing the claim of the Systems planets, Quallox Vaibal sent an offer to all the factions claiming it to be a neutral port and not an asset of Kuvexian military and asked for the Yamatai Star Empire and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia to treat it accordingly. Nevertheless, it is likely that the Kuvexian Navy would protect this star system if it was asked to. Additionally, mercenaries using it as a supply port might also defend it against attack to protect their businesses interests. As “proof” of the system's alleged neutrality, the Quallox Vaibal corporation has sent out an open offer for any independent or civilian ships to visit, including those from Yamatai and Nepleslia.

Details About Sood Zadra

Quallox Vaibal has built extensive manufacturing facilities on the planet's surface, which produce generic equipment and war materiel as well as specialized weapons such as heavy rail guns and cryogenic superconductors. The planet also has several huge oxygen collectors which are there to reduce the percentage of Oxygen in the atmosphere, to reduce the planet's overall atmospheric pressure, and to provide Oxygen supplies to starships and other artificial habitats. These atmospheric processors also ensure the area around them is mixed well to avoid Argon settling in asphyxiating pockets.

Amenities on the planet's surface include luxury areas, hospitals and a college campus, while also housing a space elevator needed to carry a cargo capsule to the edge of the planet's atmosphere. Many of the nicer areas are enclosed with advanced fire protection measures. They also have improved (OOC: more Earth-like) atmospheric pressures and compositions to help avoid Oxygen Toxicity.

Lower-class areas include the red-light district and shanty towns built by poorer adventurers and Rixxikor urchins who haven't yet learned to read. At these poor areas one can find more disturbing details of the Rixxikor settlement — lairs built in the most dire corners, rich with loot and weapon-making materials. These areas are frequently ravaged by fires, which ignite more easily in the Oxygen-rich, high-pressure atmosphere.

The leadership finds the high-crime areas of the planet exciting and is quite open to the “boomtown” population. As a result there are a significant number of street gangs that are tolerated as long as they do not interfere too much in the Quallox Vaibal's profit margins.

Outdoor temperatures tend to range from -12 °C (10.4 °F) to 9 °C (48.2 °F) making this a chilly place and Sood Zadra is frequently covered in snow.

Sood Zadra has a network of farms, orchards, and artificial forests around it as Kuvexians have started to grow food and add other advanced life forms to the planet, which was formerly only inhabited by prokaryotic microbes. They are well spaced out to avoid fire hazards.

There are no restrictions on immigration and any species is welcome to join the new colony.

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