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Teisenjou City

This page provides details on the city located at Teisenjou, by the Tamahagane Corporation.

Teisenjou is a shining example of macro-engineering, it combines form, function and aesthetics.

The city is laid out in a series of concentric circles. Located at the center is Kachimi (Victory) Park, a five mile wide expanse of water features, sculptures, rock outcroppings and expanses of flowering bushes and manicured lawns. An amphitheater is near the center for entertainment.

Surrounding the park are 3 rings, each is 2.5 miles thick and divided into ten zones. They are referred to as Decazones.

A Decazone can be designated as primarily intended for a particular type of use. However, that does not mean that structures for other uses can not be present.

The primary classification for Decazones are:

  • Residential - low volume, typically single family homes, 1-3 stories tall
  • Residential - high volume, apartment complexes
  • Commercial - site for the city's mega-mall, for private businesses
  • Industrial - these are primarily located to the north and include the TC factory, shipyard and spaceport.
  • Recreational
  • Governmental

Government Complex

The Decazone located north of Kachimi (Victory) Park is the government complex, and the Tamahagane Corporation Citadel (Nejiro) Tower dominates the zone. The government buildings are east of the tower, Consisting of the City Hall, Court House, Social Services. The Teisenjou Medical Center, the Community Backup Center and Teisenjou Law Enforcement Complex buildings are to the west.

Teisenjou City Transit

The city has a number of ways for the population to move about the city.

Intra Decazone





Teisenjou was built on a man-made island at the center of the lake. Tamahagane Corporation started construction shortly after the battle with the removal of debris being priority. Most of the debris was to be recycled and used in the construction of the city. The first elevator was operational in the last days of YE 33. The second aspect of the project was the construction of a twenty mile wide island at the center of the crater. Access roads were put in place running north and south to the island, connecting it with Kyoto and Kyousou by roads.

High speed Type 32 Grav Train were added in YE 34.

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