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Tenbun Starport

Tenbun (destiny) Starport is the primary transport hub on Ronica (Planet). It is the gateway that all soldiers pass through upon completion of their training.


Tenbun Starport has the following features, they provide facilities for Star Army of Yamatai and civilian vessels arriving at the planet:

  • The Port control tower contains the following:
  • Twenty-four recovery/launch pads arranged in three clusters
    • Anti-gravity modules to lift and lower ships, intended to assist damaged vessels
  • Twenty-four subterranean repair bays, located twenty meters beneath the pads
    • Bays are capable of making both structural and system repairs.
    • They do not have construction capabilities.
    • Bay Dimensions
      • 325m long
      • 250m wide
      • 125m tall
  • Medivac Services Facility, that supports not only the military but the citizens of the colony as well.
  • Twelve underground, reinforced cargo areas. They are accessed by either tunnels from the repair bays, and from the Reinforced bunker above each which houses four cargo elevators.

Other Features

Rail System

Tenbun is connected to Fort Hankou and Fukuoka by Type 32 Grav Trains.

Defense Towers

Tenbun Starport is ringed by 16 Defense Towers. They establish a shield perimeter out to a radius of 3k.

Total Defense

  • Dome Shield: 220 SP (Threshold 2) Starship
  • Lateral Shields: 160 SP (Threshold 2) Armor


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