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The Chrome Catgirl

The Chrome Catgirl is a well-reputed bar and grill in downtown Kyoto, notable for a huge wine selection and for its steak and sushi. Inside the bar it is dimly lit and the walls are covered in ornate inlaid wood patterns, paintings of famous battles, and old military gear in display cases. Each table features small chrome statues of famous Nekovalkyrja, such as Ketsurui Yui. It is a good place to unwind either in good company at the large bar or secluded in one of the many looks and crannies in the leather booth seats along the wallsโ€ฆand a great place to hear or tell war stories.

Open RP Thread: The Chrome Catgirl


The bartender, Kasandra, is a cute Elysian Plebeian with a round face, light brown bob cut hair, sky blue eyes, and tiny carnation pink wings. She is dressed in a very short modified kimono that has an ornate dragon pattern.

Notable Patrons

These player characters have been to this bar:

NPCs Present

These are some regular NPCs that might appear at this location:

  • Nito Hei Valdia Mori is a pretty NH-33 cargo and supply specialist with almond-shaped bright blue eyes, china-white skin, and pretty jet black hair. She is wearing a standard-issue Type 35 Duty Uniform with a skirt and heels, and carrying a Type 33 NSP. She works at Kyoto spaceport but is looking to transfer to a small starship where she can be more important.
  • Chel Moon is a extravagant Elysian Plebeian civilian with dark brown feathered hair, blue-gray eyes, and a rounded face. Her highly flexible figure is dressed in a shiny gold poncho, a white loincloth, and thigh-high white boots. She has cute little white wings. She's a skilled Aether energy technician with an interest in gymnastics, dances, and contortion.

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