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Tsu is an agricultural zone located on Jiyuu III (Jiyuu). It consists of the territory to the southeast of Atarashi Tokyo and west of the Jiyuu Fleet Depot.

About the Tsu Agricultural Zone

The Tsu Agricultural Zone was formed in YE 42 when Yugumo Corporation organized, improved and incorporated already existing agricultural communities in the region under the Juugoya Cooperative. The mission was to stabilize and restore food sources for Tokyo but also export food to the Star Army of Yamatai and the rest of the Yamatai Star Empire by deploying a balance of sustainable traditional and state-of-the-art agricultural techniques.

Tsu Agricultural Zone Logo

The Shima District

The Shima District is on the Shima Peninsula which extends out deep into Kaida Harbor.

Shima Harbor

Shima is the largest town in the district which serves as the HUB for fishing villages that are dotted along the Peninsula. The deepwater harbors and inlets are shared by the smaller family-owned fishing vessels and larger vessels operated by the Juugoya Cooperative Commercial Sea Fleet.

Massive aquaculture installations extend into the Upper Kaida Harbor and into the North Tokyo Sea.

Shima District
Population 2,300,500
District Capital Shima
Primary Industries Fishing, and Aquaculture


Several types of aquaculture are practiced in the Shima District.


Commercial Fishing both large scale and small scale are a primary industry in the Shima District. The primary fisheries are for:

Shima Oceanographic Institute

A joint effort between the Juugoya Cooperative and the Scientific Studies Service (SSS).


The Shima Oceanographic Institute (SOI), located on the tip of the Shima Peninsula is devoted to the study and ecology management of the oceans of Jiyuu III (Jiyuu). The campus includes extensive laboratories, classrooms and lecture halls as well as Micro-apartment dormitories for students, researchers or visiting lecturers.

Deepwater harbor access provides docking for research ships and submarines.

The SOI also has ocean vessel building facilities that provide both commercial and private entities with ocean-faring vessels. The courses are elective but very popular with students that attend the institute.

Kameyama District

The Kameyama District stretches across the open plains to the southwest of the Shima District.

The biggest town in the area is Kameyama and most of the land use is for farming and ranching. It is the least population-dense area in the Tsu Agricultural Zone where livestock outnumbers the people. The area is notably pastures and fields and sits within the Tsu River Basin where drainage has made the soil rich and fertile and the tropical climate is drier than most of the surrounding areas.

Kameyama District
Population 200,000
District Capital Kameyama
Primary Industries Farming, and Ranching

Farming and Ranching

Many types of Farming and Ranching are done in the Kameyama District.

Jiyuu University for Agricultural Studies

The Jiyuu University for Agricultural Studies is a civilian university specialized to teach Agricultural Sciences located in the western part of the Kameyama District.

The campus is known for its many test farms and the development of new technologies related to agricultural industries. It is also the testbed for new technologies that are to be deployed on new Star Army of Yamatai Agricultural Ships and Colonies.

Nabari District

The Nabari District is located southeast of Kameyama District and South of Shima. It is a sprawling light industrial and warehouse area that serves as the primary port for the Tsu Agricultural Zone.

Nabari District
Population 5,800,500
District Capital Nabari
Primary Industries Processing, Storage, and Distribution

Nabari Town is the largest settlement in this district and it serves as the processing, packing and shipping center for all the other districts. The entire area is filled with massive warehouses and light industry. The industry areas are mostly Canneries, Fish Processing Facilities, Slaughterhouses and Meat Packing Plants as well as other industrial rendering and food packing ventures. The facilities are all government inspected and the Yugumo Corporation has its own internal quality control protocols that are deployed to keep things running at the highest of standards.

There are extensive warehousing facilities in Nabari, including Grain silos and other special-purpose storage. Some storage has been placed beneath the surface in hopes to keep some food protected should Jiyuu III (Jiyuu) ever be attacked again.

Star Army Ration Factory

The Yugumo Corporation also has a large facility operating that helps with the production of Star Army Field Rations and Star Army Emergency Ration Pills.

Nabari Cargo Port

Nabari has its own Frontier Starport which has been purposed for cargo transport of food and related products to other places in the Yamatai Star Empire and to the ships and bases of the Star Army of Yamatai. There are no PAINT flights out of this starport, due to its proximity to both Tokyo and Jiyuu Fleet Depot.

Iga District

The Iga District is located to the southeast of the Nabari District at the south end of the Lower Kaida Harbor. It is the district where the mighty rivers that flow from Lake Hayami into Kaida Harbor flow through carved valleys. The Iga district is a sunny area of river valleys and smooth-rolling green hills which nutrient-rich soil which has made it an ideal region for growing crops.

Iga District
Population 1,900,300
District Capital Iga
Primary Industries Fruit, and Vegetable Farming

The incorporated town of Iga is the largest settlement in this district. Farms tend to be large and more spread out in this region and much of the land has been modified to assist with irrigation and crop production. Orchards and Vineyards are plentiful in Iga and roadside fruit and vegetable stands are popular during the growing seasons.

Fruit and Vegetable Production

The Iga District is known for the production of fruit and vegetables.

Iga Vineyards

Many vineyards are part of the Juugoya Cooperative. They produce many varieties of grapes, apricots and plums for wine production. They go to market under many different labels but are distributed across the Yamatai Star Empire.

Ise District

The Ise District is located to the south of the Iga District. It sits at the northern end of Midori Bay and is part of the Hayami River Estuary. It is a special place for the citizens of Jiyuu III (Jiyuu) as that it is the region where most of the rice is produced for the region.

Ise District
Population 400,000
District Capital Ise
Primary Industries Rice Cultivation

The Ise District is filled with Paddy Fields as far as the eyes can see. Rice is grown in massive quantities here, and some taro as well. Farmers here have taken a traditional approach where they tend to their crops and use traditional livestock like oxen and water buffalo to assist with labor. It is believed that the traditional approach leads to a higher quality product so very few members of the Juugoya Cooperative use modern equipment for cultivation.

Toba District

The Toba District is currently under construction. It is expected to be finalized in YE 45. It is a Katsuko-Class Colony Installation that has an enclosed dome. It will serve as a testbed for new hydroponics and aeroponics methods for cultivating crops in enclosed colonies and on agricultural ships. It is a project being coordinated by the Jiyuu University for Agricultural Studies, Juugoya Cooperative and the Scientific Studies Service (SSS).

Toba District
Population Under Construction
District Capital Toba Dome
Primary Industries Under Construction

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