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Uesureyan Fields (Nepleslia)

Uesureyan Fields is an an ancient, massive former Star Army of Yamatai military base on Planet Nepleslia located across the river from Funky City.


The base was built by the Uesureyan Star Empire as their main military starport, much like Uesureyan Fields, Yamatai (Planet), long before the Yamatai Star Empire and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia existed1).

Prior to the formation of the Star Army of Yamatai, the base was operated by the Army Of Uesureya.

Brady Lawrence Dust was born in a back room of Uesureyan Fields Starport in YE 102).

In YE 26, the YSS Wicked was at Uesureyan Fields, Nepleslia. YSS Jade and YSS Rave were also present. 3).

During the First Mishhuvurthyar War, when the Mishhuvurthyar launched a parasite attack on Funky City in YE 27, the base sent teams out into the city in H1 Helicopters to secure city blocks. 4).

A transport bound for the YSS Ongaku departed from Uesureyan Fields, Nepleslia, in YE 275).

In YE 28, the YSS Destiny received crew from Nepleslia's Uesureyan Fields starport including Nyton Claymere6).

After the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia achieved independence from the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 28, Uesureyan Fields was largely forgotten and fell into disrepair.


The base is a large spaceport, lined with bunker-like buildings and cluttered with debris and old spaceships7).

The base is separated from Funky City by river crossing provided by an olive drab modular bridge, which can be retracted. The river is nasty8). The entrance is heavily guarded. The area around the base is described as a corrupted mass of florescent lights, destitute wanderers, and violent criminals in dirt-clogged, litter-covered streets and is often draped in a cloud of smog. The base has a good view of Funky City's skyline9).

There are always a variety of mutants and low-lifes hanging around it10).

A nearby location is a strip club called the Pink Taco11).


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