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Ushobrakflug Train System

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The Ushobrakflug train system is a small train track system on Ushobrakflug, first created in YE 35 to connect the various locations on the planet for use in rapid transportation. The track utilises Type 32 rail trains on the track, both for cargo and passenger transport. The tracks are still being expanded as the planet becomes more urbanised and new demands for connections arise. It is officially controlled by the National Infrastructure and Utilities Service, and the Yamatai Department Of Colonization.

There are several train stations that allow passengers to embark and travel to the various places on the planet. Most of these are used both for passengers and cargo. These stations are currently all connected by one continuous track line.

  • Kakudai Station: the main train station at the ITC Headquarters and one of the few also capable of train maintenance. It was the first station to be opened in YE 35, and also connects to the ITC shipyard.
  • Fort Stryhm Station: a train station guarded heavily by Legion V stopping just before their main command centre, Fort Stryhm. The connection between the fort and the ITC HQ was the first track to be used.
  • Trade Street Station: At the north entry of Prototype City Alpha stands a small train station, used for leading passengers into the city. Although it is smaller than the other stations, it is an important transport hub due to its bus station.
  • Pioneer Train Station: At the northern part of Pioneer Space-port is a small train tunnel and station that lets space travellers unto the train tracks. It is also an important hub for the city.
  • Kyoto Street Station: Although still under construction as of YE 38, the station at the south part of Prototype City Alpha allows even more passengers unto the track, although it is only for local travel and doesn't connect to the other stations outside the city.
  • Chukan Sakaba Station: Although nothing more than two stone platforms, the station, opened in YE 37, connects the tavern between the ITC HQ and Alpha to the track. The station is an important trader and tourist destination.
  • Iwa no Chojo: At the other end of the track from the ITC HQ the track lead to the Bluestone Hills, ending at the Iwa no Chojo hamlet. Although nothing more than a few small signs and a single waiting room, the station is an important tourist destination, opened in YE 38. On the other side is a small cargo station that is used for the local production.

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