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Villa Nyx

This Villa type building is located within the Property line, on Sirris VI only about half a meter walk from the gates to the front door. Chosen for its beauty and its location as well as its features. Nyx fell in love with the place almost immediately, and made sure that it suits her well.

House info

The house is fitted with the latest in Home hardware, as well as the advanced in computer software. Because Nyx is already an AI, and because of the NDC’s stance on Synthetic workers, there was no AI installed on the house’s computers. That’s because the electronics within is voice activated, set to Nyx’s voice, Ezriel’s voice as well as that of her family.

For the comfort of those cold blooded visitors, specifically the queen of Nyx’s ‘heart’ there is a Heating Unit installed within the maintenance center of the House, that allows heat to radiate throughout the home. This was more for Ezriel’s comfort, but since she wanted to use her organic form for pleasure she needed a warm place, and it would keep her systems from freezing. Within the private area, there is technology that allows people to lounge and rest, without the worry that someone would take an unwanted picture of them.

The house has a laser defense system, various airtight partitions, and a filtered air intake. It can also analyze airborne materials. If an intruder breaks in, intending to harm, the residents will be shielded and transported to a safe area, while the intruder gets hit with a force of a billion times normal planet gravity to crush them completely, before machines clean the area.


Below is the interior of Nyx's home

Foyer room

The Foyer of the Villa is an open concept area with two roman style columns at the doorway, and one additional one at the end of the room, this border the Foyer to the kitchen to the northeast the Starship style elevator to the west. The hall to the Repair workshop could be seen between the elevator and the retaining wall which has an NDC flag on it, and the sign for the Military. Close to the door was the designated living room type area, where there were a couch and a chair along with a small table in front of them which held a flickering vase and flowers.

The coloring matches NDC colors of red and black in the furniture, the floor wasn’t black or red, but the walls did somewhat follow that theme.


The Kitchen is pretty spacious with enough room for two people to work in, and they won’t need to worry about getting in the way unless they both need the stove or something. on the counters there were the futuristic devices some replicated from the Anvil’s Kitchen area and a fridge and cupboard to store certain food or cups.

The kitchen can be seen from the Foyer, and be able to have conversations when two were in both rooms. there is one closet whihc is filled with Cleaning items and Chemical based items

The Study

The Study is a large room with multiple books along the walls, with information stored in book form or electronic form as well as an ornate wooden desk and a decent and comfortable chair to sit on. The computer is simply a Volumetric display that pops up when one sits down.

Repair area

This particular area is a room littered with Gynoid parts hanging along the walls for ease of removal, and it has a section for repair work needed done, and there were boxes of broken parts to be disposed of later, and there was a Honeycomb Fabricator like on her ship to create new parts or pieces she’s missing. Nyx has used this part if she wants to keep damages that might be embarrassing a secret, and its also a well lit area.


Using a lift, in which they need only say the command of up they can get to the upper floors. On this floor had a visible doorway, which was clearly Nyx’s bedroom, and besides, that hidden behind a barrier was an extra bedroom, possibly one for children should Nyx and her girlfriend be successful. There was a set of chairs with a table that made the area a small sitting area, possibly for a more private conversation.

Nyx’s Room

Her room is a recreation of the one she had on her ship, doorway, which opens up to an office on the right side, with a private terminal where she can read and review old email sent from anywhere. The chair to sit on wasn’t comfortable by Nepsilian or Geshrin standards. To the left of the terminal, is a fish tank with fishes inside, but these were robotic fish not real with pre-programmed behavior.

A foot In front of the Doorway is three stairs that bring one into her actual room. unlike the room on her ship, while it did hav her recharge bay, it also had a queen sized bed, that she can lay on and perhaps cuddle with a certain Separa’shan. Closer towards the door, was her bathroom where there’s a shower big enough for two to be in comfortable. She did have a sofa on the wall, attached to her office where she can sit and read an assortment of books from her library, or she can lounge back because the model shelf across the wall, can double as a screen, where she can watch movies or watch news reports. The screen has a direct link to her father and mother’s office for a video conference if she wanted to.

She also had a sound system that can play all manner of music that she has a mood for. She does have a dresser filled with clothes. There is also a photograph of her family on a table on the side, and one of Ezriel. The room had a dark blue and white color theme to it.

She has a closet for her clothes, as well as a section reserved for Ezriel.


The Basement level follows a similar floor plan of the main level. To the right in the same location as the Kitchen above, was the area designated the Wine cellar where Nyx has a nice assortment of wine purchased in case she needed it. It also has a private training area if Nyx is feeling like she shouldn’t be around people. its on a sheer cliff, so only those with wings should be there, but there is a Drone pad for those who don’t have wings like her father, or Ezriel who want to talk.

Wine Cellar

In the wine cellar racks and racks line the walls, filled with an assortment of wines not only from the New Dusk Conclave but also Yamatai and Nepsilia as well. So far she had, wine from Black Wolf Winery in the racks.

Cavern-Private Beach

The Caverns underneath the villa was entirely an accident, but Nyx had them use this and make it into a place she could call a relaxing area. Because of the holes in the wall, and the almost destroyed wall, water comes in, and creates an area where people can swim, without a reason to fear drowning, and the rock area was utterly destroyed and then sand was brought in to replace things so that it’s a nice comfortable private beach, but of course they could leave this area through a hole and go into the ocean if they wanted to. It isn’t dark down there, due to a special piece of technology, that made it seem like there was a hole above which allowed light to come in.

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