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White Harbor Station

Shiroi Minato – more commonly known by the Nepleslian translation 'White Harbor' – is a heavily modified Ge-H1-7A - Kōdaina Minato-Class Orbital Installation that was built in BYE 59 for the Murasaki Keiretsu as a trading hub and base of operations for its Trinary Star Shipping and Frontier Industrial Mining subsidiaries.

Due to the greater than thirty million permanent residents and high traffic volume, White Harbor station operates under a joint administration between the Murasaki Keiretsu and the Yamatai Star Empire. The residential sectors and customs facilities operate under the direct control of the Yamataian government, whilst the rest of the station is generally operated by Murasaki Keiretsu station personnel alone.

As of YE 34 the station is located in orbit of the planet Anisa at the L2 Lagrange point. White Harbor Station


White Harbor is part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by the Star Army of Yamatai. It has a flight to Amatsu-Yamatai, Planet Yamatai every two hours. Civilian cargo shipping is provided by the Murasaki-clan-owned Trinary Star Shipping.

White Harbor


OOC Notes

The original 3D model was a paid commission created by Mark Roosien (Marrekie), based upon the design specifications provided by Khasidel. Additional changes were made by the commissioner, adding textures, further detail and otherwise adjusting the model to RP requirements. An image of the original model can be found here, within Marrekie's DeviantArt gallery.

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