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Boreanium Alloy

Boreanium is a new metal designed in the year YE 31 by Origin Industries, designed from the ground up to be a heavy weight heat-resistant material, for use on combat craft and inter-atmosphere shuttles. Boreanium is a light-weight, Semi-metallic alloy, created from Titanium, Iron, Iridium, and various forms of micro-ceramics. As a part of its design, Boreanium has enhanced resistance to heat, as it is an effective insulator. Instead of bending and warping when exposed to extremely high temperatures, Boreanium begins shedding molecule thick layers of the thick outer surface to cool itself off. This sometimes leads to the side effect of Boreanium armored objects leaving misty after-images composed of shredded Boreanium. Overall, Boreanium is best described as an Moderately Expensive material created to add a greater degree of temperature resistance to combat craft, which suits the goals of Origin Industries.


Boreanium objects can and/or are:

  • Heat-Resistant: Boreanium does not bend or warp when exposed to high heat (Up until three times the melting point of Durandium Alloy).
  • Highly-Ablative: Boreanium ablates in molecular thin sheets when exposed to high temperatures, shedding layers to reduce its heat. This sometimes leads to moving objects leaving behind short lived afterimages.
  • Heat Absorbing: Boreanium absorbs some radiation from high-energy weapons and transforms it to heat.

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