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Cerocrete is a low-ablation ceramic substance that was designed as a weight and cost-effective means of resisting the heavy wear of desert sandstorms on Maekardan, as a substitute for the wear-predisposed plastics common in Iromakuanhe civilian craft designed for the less severe conditions present on the coastal and archipelagos regions of the planet. It incorporates a large amount of pressure-extruded crystalline aluminum oxide and high-grade laser-cut bioplastic to produce a material that is relatively light and resistant to wear. In practice, if offers no more protection than Strodirn or military-grade Aerudirn armor, but has an extreme resistance to ablation by desert winds and radiates heat effectively, due to the reflective and porous nature of the substance.

Over the course of years, the panels can eventually be worn down by continuous exposure to heat and harsh weather conditions, but only the plastic components of the material are affected and wear away. Patches using epoxies derived from organoid proteins and and slats of replacement bioplastic make maintenance easy, and pieces too worn down to keep can be returned to outlets owned by Ahmida Civiltech, where the bioplastic impregnation can be dissolved using certain proprietary enzymes. The dense mesh of extruded alumina is then reused, and may be recuperated dozens of times before finally needing to be scrapped.

Producer(s): Ahmida Civiltech Cost: Inexpensive Armor Type: Light

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