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Crynatorium is a form of light armor used primarily to protect a ship or station from weapons fire, including missiles, energy, and ballistics. It's not entirely strong, and gives way easily after being hit several times. The armor can be reinforced, however, utilizing specific materials.

This armor is created by crushing depleted Lunabaren Crystals, or crystals that are no longer generating power, and then turning the fine powder created from the recycling process into armor plates or beams that can be used in the construction process of a ship, station, or structure.

It's reflective nature comes from the fact it's made from a crystal, however, it's reflective nature also gives it the ability to temporarily reflect energy based weaponry away from it - but this effect only lasts for a short period of time. Repeated hits to the same area of the armor can dull this effect and after a short while remove that reflective capability.

Another form of this armor can be created from a fully powered crystal, this armor is known as Energized Crynatorium

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