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Kithiulum is a material that was discovered when Neshaten scientists were experiments with combining various crystallized powders and compounds with another type of material discovered in their local asteroid belts; this lead to the creation of Kithiulum, a very strong metallic alloy that's light weight but also quite durable. It's got a dark green sheen to it because of the green material that is considered the main component in the materials creation, this green sheen dulls to a more grayish color when combined with crystalline powder. Unlike Crynatorium, however, fully powered crystals can be combined with this material with little drawbacks and because of this it also adopts the same properties as Energized Crynatorium

Kithiulum is considered the material of choice in heavy armor plating for the Neshaten Navy due to its properties, but also because it maintains the same reflective capabilities as Energized Crynatorium, except on a larger scale and also at a higher efficiency. However, one drawback to this armor is that it's more costly and expensive to produce.

  • Producers: Kingdom of Neshaten, other authorized producers
  • Cost: Very expensive
  • Damage Rating: (Heavy) 1.0x Base SP

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