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The metal commonly known as navitium, but also known by the name of chikaradite within the Yamatai Star Empire, is an exotic-matter allotropic form of Atomic Element 111. It is not known to occur naturally and presently can only be synthesized using specialized production facilities. Due to its superconductive properties at room temperatures, its primary use is as a means of storing electrical energy in batteries, power cells, capacitors and starship energy banks.

About Navitium


Navitium in its pure form has a rusty-orange coloration, unlike the silver appearance of Element 111. It is an extremely dense superconductive metal that is capable of holding vast amounts of electrical energy at room temperature without any loss due to resistence. The primarily application for the metal is within variations of Superconducting magnetic energy storage capacitors and power cells based on the same technology. It allows efficient long-term storage of large amounts of electrical energy without necessitating the bulky cooling systems other materials used in superconducting coils and wire require.

The pure form of the metal has a high density of 28.9 g/cm3, which makes it heavier per cubic centimeter than any naturally occuring metal. Unlike the other forms of Element 111 from which navitium is synthesized, the metal is stable and non-radioactive under most circumstances. However, it can become volatile and unstable when subjected to sudden and extreme increases of kinetic and electromagnetic energy such as weapons fire. In such circumstances the metal usually undergoes spontaneous nuclear fission, exploding and releasing a short but intense burst of radiation.

The origin of the name navitium has been forgotten by those that use the material, though it is in fact derived from the latin word navitas, meaning 'energy' or 'activity'. Similarly, the yamataian term chikaradite is derived from the word chikara, meaning 'power' or 'ability'.

The methods for synthesizing navitium are well known amongst the major species and corporations, so its production is not restricted to any single civilization or manufacturer.

Characteristics and Properties

General Characteristics

Type: Metallic Exotic-Matter Allotrope (Element 111) Designations: Navitium, Chikaradite (Yamataian) Manufacturer: Murasaki Technologies, the Yamatai Star Empire and various others Average Retail Price: 50 KS or equivalent currency per kilogram

Physical Properties

Phase: Solid Density: 28.9 g/cm3


Maximum Energy Capacity:

  • Per gram: 77.16 kWs (77,160 joules)
  • Per cubic centimeter: 2.23 MWs (2,230,000 joules)

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