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Radblock Cloth

Radblock Cloth was developed in YE 40 as a lightweight, thin, radiation shielding material.


Radblock cloth is a sandwich of a highly advanced gluon mesh that is very similar to Yarvex, and superconducting meta-materials printed on the interior of the layers using photo-lithography to create near molecule-thick capacitors on the interior of the sandwich. The result is an incredibly thin, cloth-like material with a powerful internally contained electrical field that provides a massive amount of protection against radiation for its size.

The internal capacitors are 'quilted' into the sandwich, so that cutting the material will not result in all of the internal energy being discharged. When cut, a sharp jolt will occur as the capacitors directly touching the cut area are discharged, however the rest of the material will stay intact. The result is that the radiation blocking properties of the material are negated in the millimeters around the cut or pierced sections.

Due to the physics involved, the material will slowly lose charge on its own, and see a reduction in its protective power by half every 2 years. It is recommended that the material be replaced at least every two years to provide the level of protection advertised.

A single sheet of Radblock Cloth is similar to nearly a foot of water in terms of radiation protection.

  • Class: Wz-A4004
  • Designers: Heram J. Wazu
  • Manufacturer: Vier
  • Type: Radiation Shielding
  • Shelf-Life: 2 Years


Though Radblock Cloth doesn't use Yarvex in its construction, the gluon-mesh technology that allows for its construction comes from the same place: Heram J. Wazu. His interest in radiation shielding was generally for starships-only until YE 40 when he started assisting USO with its power armor technology, in part to help protect himself during his operations on the YSS Eucharis Plot.

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