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Durandium-plastic composite, more commonly known as Steenplast (steen being Dutch for stone), is material developed by NAM's Aerotech division as an inexpensive form of protection when even ultralight materials such as Durandium Alloy aren't appropriate. It is common in the manufacture of firearms, body armor and provides a source of cost-effective protection for mechanical androids and robots. After being used on a single NAM design, the manufacturing technique for Steenplast were sold off to a few mid-sized enterprises operating in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Steenplast is manufactured via the alternating layering of high grade polymer plastic and Durandium sheets, each around 1000 nm thick, which are then pressed at very high heats to bond the two materials together at a nearly molecular level. The resulting material is essentially a reinforced plastic with the relative strength of depleted Uranium.

Producers: Nepleslia Cost: Very Inexpensive Damage Rating: 3

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