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Sitearium and Stellarium

Sitearium and Stellarium were discovered in YE 30 by researchers at Motoyoshi Fleet Yards in the United Outer Colonies. It is still produced in YE 42 by the Yugumo Corporation.


The researchers at Motoyoshi Fleet Yards began Metamaterials Research in YE 30. Metamaterials are materials that exhibit unusual behavior; and generally have a negative refractive index, making them ideal for stealth applications. The base artificial metalloid Sitearium is compromised of unique elements discovered in the cores of asteroids in the Akuma Asteroid Field in the Siren System. These elements when combined form Sitearium which exhibit a negative refractive index, and are thusly invisible to electromagnetic and optical sensors when it is energized. The effect, however, is not perfect; movement can cause ripple-like disruptions to appear around the Sitearium coated objects, especially in atmospheric or nebular environments. Sitearium itself does little to nothing to increase the strength of the armor it is layered on top of, it merely gives this cloaked effect.

Effect and Damage Ratings: See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Tier 1
  • Effect: Optical and Electromagnetic Stealth.
  • Detection: Can sometimes be noticed on optical sensors in atmospheric and nebular conditions. Does nothing to hide aetheric/quantum foam signatures or heat.


A complex distortion field bombardment transmutation process, when applied to Sitearium, creates a more advanced material called Stellarium. Stellarium, when not energized, has the same effects as Sitearium. When energized, however, with low-level oscillating subspace fields causes the object it is applied to, to be rendered totally invisible on all sensors currently deployed by many of the known factions. Due to the oscillations in the low output subspace fields the vessel is held in suspension in a dimensional pocket between realspace and hyperspace. During deployment, the cloaked vessel cannot operate any shielding, weaponry or high output zero-point energy systems. Like Sitearium there is also disruption when the vessel or object is in motion, allowing it to be detected by faint distortion/subspace disturbances.

Effect and Damage Ratings: See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Tier 1
  • Effect: Stealth/Cloak. Shields cannot be active when Stellarium is energized.
  • Detection: If the ship operates a high output zero-point energy system or weapons system while Stellarium is energized or they risk detection.Can also be detected by distortion and subspace sensors if the ship or object is in motion

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