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Strodirn is a high-grade composite material, used Iromakuanhe primarily for the manufacture of civilian vehicles and military equipment. It is naturally transparent, light, smooth and cool to the touch and can be dyed in a variety of colors depending on the manufacturer's preferences. While not considered a starship-grade material, Strodirn is harder to detect by radar because of exceedingly low metal content and affords superb protection from small arms.

The material consists of sheets of nanophase (high-precision) polymer alternating with an inert organic adhesive in layers less than 1mm thick, supported by vertical pylons of additional polymerase. The object is then cold pressed into the desired shape and heated for an instant, allowing it to retain it. This creates a substance of remarkable strength, that can seal punctures and prevent the formation of sympathetic fractures from heavy impacts. As a polymer, it is highly ablative but offers poor protection from particle weapons in general, and as nanophase materials are apt to, degrades with damage from energy weapons. Strodirn cannot be repaired due to the manner in which it is manufactured, and must be repaired by replacing the damaged component(s).

Producer(s): Ahmida Civiltech, Solan Starworks Cost: Inexpensive Armor Type: Light

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