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Tsumium is a metal used by the Tsumi in the construction of most of their weapons, armor and vehicles – in essence, it is twice as tough as steel and more flexible while only weighing 75% as much as the equivalent in steel would, Tsumium has a melting point of about 2000°C and is highly resilient to scratching and/or chipping. Tsumium takes on a purplish tone as it corrodes though has somewhat of a natural resistance to the process.

Tsumium is rather strong only through a naturally occuring oddity, usually metals get their strength through the mixture of elements to get atoms of different sizes that do not shift around each other as easily - Tsumium does this by itself however, having a natural variation in the sizes of its atoms that are tightly woven to give the material strength that surpasses steel.

Properties of Tsumium

Tsumium Objects: • Are notably resistant to corrosion • Have very weak ferromagnetic properties, almost non-existent • Are rather hardy and tough • Lighter than a steel equivalent yet tougher and more flexible too

Appearance of Tsumium

Tsumium is a rather dark metal in its purest form, a dark charcoal colour with a hint of blue that easily holds a shine when polished and has a grain made up of warped triangles – before having been refined, Tsumium is noticeably bluer and the grain is made up of more distinguished triangles that point toward a planet’s core.

Formation of Tsumium

Tsumium tends to form deep within cave systems of their newly colonised homeworld, near deposits of nickel and/or cobalt – generally, the ore can be found in larger abundances near hot pockets and areas where temperatures are that bit higher.

Uses of Tsumium

• Armour (Ships, Personnel, and Vehicles) • Weapons (Projectiles and Melee) • Structural support


Producers: Tsumi ONLY Cost: Moderately Cheap Armour Class: Medium

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