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Veyrinite is a metaloid with rare semi-conductive properties, that is present in all Iromakuanhe space compression-based technologies, including most reactors, particle weapons and extra-atmospheric drives. Although its structure points to a purely artificial substance, it was discovered in large deposits on the icy fringe world of Veyrin, and has its origins in the atrociously high energy states present in the Blue Rift Expanse. Formed in the dense crucible of gravity, extra-dimensional energy and cosmic radiation, billions of pure Veyrinite floes weighing millions of metric tons eventually emerge from the Rift. Because the deposits travel slower than light and a majority do not leave the Rift Expanse, most of the Veyrinite wealth is concentrated in the systems directly 'East', 'South-East' and 'South' of the galactic region, with deposits becoming exponentially rarer as one goes out further than ten lightyears from the edge.

It was eventually discovered that by imitating those conditions it would be possible to create a small amounts of the substance, but technological constraints are as such that only minute amounts may be harvested, requiring that most Veyrinite instead be culled from the nearly depleted supplies of Veyrin, or by launching expeditions to the systems nearer to the Rift. Currently the Freespacers are working to mine Veyrinite from the Blue Rift Expanse for the Iromakuanhe in a trade deal.

Veyrinite is peculiar in that it is a sort of undifferentiated substance when inserted into a system. ADNR armor or blades doped with Veyrinite can conduct high-energy fields and experience only a fraction of the wear. Its main use is as an amplifier for space compression fields and other distortion forces, as it can 'tune' and modify the size and intensity of such fields when subjected to electrical current. It is also capable of nearly lossless energy transfer of electrical, thermal and electromagnetic forces in its pure state, making it ideal for military-grade circuitry and power train components.

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