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Galaxy Adventure 2 - Emergence

Kaidan Telecommunications found that their initial instalment in their Galaxy Adventure series wasn't doing so well with the critics. In spite of harsh reviews, they began to work on their next game in the series, promising major improvements and the ability to add unofficial modifications the game.

The overall focus seems to have shifted away from some of the RPG elements in favour of more seamless combat and exciting action than the last game, with improvements to certain character builds from the previous game.


20 years have passed since the original plot, it is revealed that the protagonist of the first game, having defeated the Mishhuvurthyar swarms and married one of the playable characters (Kara for males, Hank for females) and they settled down to have a family on Tami. The son/daughter of the couple has grown up and just finished college. He/She is ready to tackle the universe.

Like the previous game, it begins with naming your character and modifying his/her personal appearance. You can play as a Yamataian, a Nepleslian, an Elysian or a Kohanian (all varieties). Each race has their different abilities, strengths and weaknesses.


  • Strong Hero - Character relies on her brute strength and force to plow through the game.
  • Swift Hero - Character relies on swift reactions and grace for any situation.
  • Tough Hero - Character relies on her healthy bodies and stubbourness against all odds.
  • Smart Hero - Character relies on their various studies and calculating to win the battle.
  • Dedicated Hero - Character relies on her interpersonal skills and empathy to see her through.
  • Charismatic Hero - Character relies on a quick tongue and wit to confound and conquer.
  • Lucky Hero - A randomised mix of everything. Can produce strange character builds.


A common complaint found in the previous game is that there were too many skills to choose from and that it made character choices confusing. To combat this, Kaidan decided to group relevant skills and allow the character to pick 5 major skills to use through the entire game.

NameKey StatDescription
AcrobaticsDEXAllows the character to evade oncoming bullets better, jump higher and land with less damage.
AthleticsSTRAllows characters to regenerate stamina quicker.
ArchitectureINTTells the character of any dangers in an indoor environment.
Armour (Tactical)STRAllows the character to use Armour on Land based Environments
Armour (Powered)STRAllows the power to utilise Powered Armour effectively
GunplayDEXGoverns the use of guns, gives greater accuracy, applied directly to enemies.
EnduranceCONRepresents the character's general toughness towards extended exercise.
HealingWISAllows characters to heal their friends.
InsightWISAllows characters to see more on what NPC's are thinking of them, or if anything is amiss.
MeleeSTRGoverns the use of hand-held melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat
NatureINTTells the character of any dangers in an outdoor environment.
ObservationWISAllows characters to find certain things as they move (traps, secret areas and the like)
StealthDEXThe amazing art of not being seen or heard.
SpeechCHAAllows the character to solve conflicts or convince people using various speech methods.
TacticsINTAllows characters to co-ordinate their teammates effectively.
TechnologyINTGoverns the use and knowledge of certain cybernetics or technologies and operation.
ThievingDEXAllows characters to steal from the unwary, pick locks and disarm traps.


Like the previous game, there are loads and loads of characters which can be recruited. Recruited Characters have only 3 or 4 skills to chose from.

(Editor's Note: At the moment, lots of characters are planned. You can help me make some characters!)

Son/Daughter of the Protagonist??The main character of the game. The entirely silent son (or daughter) of the original protagonist.?
Ayame InnoeDedicatedYamataianThe best friend of the protagonist, lives just next door. Harbors a crush on the Protagonist if Male. Automatically joins the party if the protagonist asks her to come along. Will worryingly chide the male protagonist if he constantly gets injured. Has a rivalry with Kasumi. Gains special bonuses to healing, melee, and speech, and a team attack with the male protagonist if her relationship stat is raised enough.Healing, Melee, Speech, Observation
Kasumi WakamotoSwiftYamataianFemale Rival of the protagonist, has a crush on the male protagonist that manifests as a desire to compete with protagonist, but denies it whenever it is brought up. Joins party automatically on Tami. Jealous of Ayame for being the protagonist's best friend. Gains special bonuses to acrobatics, athletics, and melee, and a team attack with the male protagonist if her relationship stat is raised enough.Acrobatics, Athletics,Melee,Insight
Gou WakamotoSmartYamataianKasumi's younger brother. Joins the party if the protagonist visits the electronics store before leaving Tami. Harbors crush on female protagonistInsight,Tactics,Technology,Gunplay
Harold GrantToughNepleslianA jovial fellow who happens to board the first shuttle you fly anywhere. Appears twice, recruited on the third go.Gunplay, Endurance, Stealth
'Kiyo'StrongYamataianA broody Yamataian met in a smoky pub on Funky City. Joins you after you help him avenge his friendMelee, Acrobatics, Thieving, Architecture
Sumnael IICharistmaticElysianIf you head to Elysia Novus and attend any of the Operas while wearing fine clothing, he will make an offer to join on the condition that you maintain good standards in fighting and appearance.Yaoi Option~Insight, Speech, Technology
HeriqueSwiftYamataianA sly fellow who is seen on Yamatai, first found trying to break into your room at the 'Blue Moon', but is caught. As repayment, he decides to assist you within Yamataian SpaceThieving, Stealth, Melee
Doctor ThomasSmartNepleslianA laboratory doctor recruited after managing to harvest the rare herbs from the Neo Kohanian Jungles. Has a pleasant demeanour.Healing, Technology, Nature
Teckno FaustusSmartNepleslianA black-market cyberneticist that may be recruited at the Nepleslia Prime spaceport for 2000 KS after completing all the quests for the Black Syndicate. He will leave if your fame is more than 20 points higher than your infamy.Gunplay, Technology, Stealth, Insight
Tsukino AyaneSmartNekovalkyrjaA special operations officer in the SAoY that may be recruited after completing the “Lives of the SAINTs” quest for the SAoY and receiving the minimum rank of Taisa. She will leave your party if your infamy is more than 20 points higher than your fame. Lesbian Option~Gunplay, Stealth, Architecture, Nature
Angus FinnSwiftGeshrinA former Hoplite pilot and seasoned veteran that will join the party after defeating him in the “Brass Wings” quest, without killing him. He will only join if you have purchased a Hoplite, and will leave if you sell it. Athletics, Technology, Armor (Powered), Gunplay
VargasStrongID-SOLA hulking ID-SOL that joins after participating in a drinking game with him at a bar at Halna. If you win or are female, he joins for free. If you lose and are male, he will ask for 500 KS first to pay for his tab.Melee, Acrobatics, Armor (Tactical), Athletics
Seymour HunterDedicatedNepleslianAn irreverent badass that will continuously chide the player while they practice at a gun range. If the player shoots him in the foot, he will spend several days in a hospital before seeking you out and asking to join.Gunplay, Speech, Observation, Tactics
Alan BodallaCharismaticNepleslianThe street-smart, roguish badass you encounter on Delsauria. He is rather difficult to recruit, as you have to first find him on Delsauria's southern pole and convince him you have had no prior involvement with military or law enforcement groups (If you have, he will turn you down on the spot unless you have high Charisma). After you convince him that you have not been involved with “the law”, you will have to beat him in an airbike race. Thene he will join your group.Architecture, Gunplay, Speech, Thieving
Carver TamlinSmartNepleslianAn upper-echelon crime boss and ex-Marine whom you can recruit after completing the mission “Pay up”. He will request you pay a sum of 400 KS to join (200 if Alan is in your party).Insight, Melee, Stealth
Itoshiki SuzumeDedicatedYamataianA young Yamataian woman that sneaks onto any ship that you purchase in Nepleslian space. Has a special maneuver called “Despair Buster” that can be performed if you have Sunako in your party.Gunplay, Healing, Acrobatics, Tactics
Itoshiki SunakoCharismaticYamataianA young Yamataian woman that sneaks onto any ship that you purchase in Yamataian space. Has a special maneuver called “Despair Buster” that can be performed if you have Suzume in your party.Speech, Gunplay, Acrobatics, Tactics
Roger 'The Buster' HughsToughID-SOLAn armoured hulk who rarely leaves his shell. If you complete the quest “Picking up the Pieces” on Nepleslia Prime, he will be recruited.Armour (Powered), Gunplay, Endurance
CamanaelSwiftElysianAn Elysian on the wrong side of the tracks and gone bad. Encountered on Nepleslia prime. Recruited if you defeat him in an honourable fistfight Duel at the Black Dog pub.Melee, Acrobatics, Armour (Tactical)
Barney GotzStrongNepleslianA police officer found on Nepleslia Prime. If you assist him in calming a riot down, he'll follow you anywhere on Nepleslia Prime.Armour (Tactical), Gunplay, Tactics
SlashfireToughKohanian (Kupua)Stalks you as you wander through the Neo Kohanian jungles. First encountered when the party has their first round of rest. If you can convince him not to kill you, he will wander with you, keeping an eye on you while you remain on the planet.Stealth, Melee, Nature
Silky SmithSwiftNepleslianA gangster's second-in-command. You can recruit him after defeating his drug running boss.Acrobatics, Melee,Stealth
Miranda KooreGeshrinSmartA Geshrin engineer that works on the Pisces space station, to recruit her, the MC need to collect 5 hyperspace spanners for her, and then complete a minigame where they need to follow Miranda's instructions, which looks similar to a dancing game. If the MC completes all the requirements Miranda pledges allegiance to their cause.Gunplay, Technology, Observation(traps)
KaraYamatianDedicatedKara is only recruited through an uploaded save file from the first game if the main character was a Male. Gaining her requires that the MC return to Tami after entering the final dungeon once, then leaving. Most of Kara's skills have been carried over but with different skills should old ones not translate.Heal, Insight, Melee, Tactics
HankNelpeslianStrongHank is only recruited through an uploaded savefile from the first game if the main character was a Female. Gaining him requires that the MC return to Tami after entering the final dungeon once, then leaving. Most of Hanks's skills have been carried over but with different skills should old ones not translate.Armor(Tactical), Gunplay, Endurance, Thieving


Each of the endings is named after the Protagonist's first words before the game ends.

  1. “Wait, what am I doing!?” - Walk back into the house and decide to stay there for a day or two, eventually the game will end with an epilogue detailing your character's boring life.
  2. “I Ripped 'em all a new one!” - The newest resurgence of Mishhu to the galaxy was defeated by the protagonist and his crew! History repeating itself and adventure proving to run in the family blood!
  3. “I won't need your help.” - The Protagonist defeats the Resurgence single handedly. Being the toughest bastard alive, he disappears…
  4. “I'm taking over this hellhole!” - In the mission 'To Hell', when you defeat the Pit Fiend and have an infamy that's 20 points higher than your reputation, you have the choice to to, instead of destroying hell, take it over. Could've done with new management anyway. Sometimes seen as a nonstandard game over by fans.
  5. “Groovy.” - Through all of your deeds in the Nepleslian part of space, you are hailed as a hero and elected Mayor of funky city. You cleaned up the streets good.
  6. “Total Power Armour Mode - ENGAGE!” - The Protagonist takes command of a virtual army of Powerarmors and drives the Mishu all the way back to their home planet. Then sets up a defensive network that effectively holds them there till doomsday.
  7. “HOLY CRAP!!” - A non-standard game over at a critical moment in the game if the character is defeated by the Mishhu during the final battle. You made a good flesh incubator.
  8. “Bad friggin' idea.” - The character creates his own empire and decides to take on the entire universe. This is the character's reaction to one of the superpowers wanting to invade.
  9. “Take a number and wait in line.” - The noncanonical Harem ending for the girls. The protagonist must've recruited all of the possible male characters and gotten friendly with each of them. The option to build a “Harem” at your home base comes available, unlocking this ending. (Hank does not count towards this.)
  10. “Well! Good evening ladies!” - The noncanonical Harem ending for the guys. The protagonist must've recruited all of the possible female characters and gotten friendly with each of them. The option to build a “Harem” at your home base comes available, unlocking this ending. (Kara does not count towards this.)
  11. “So YOU'RE all behind this.” - On the second playthrough, you can find a Developer's Room somewhere in space. It contains caricatures of the developers, who were busy playing and making this game. The protagonist and his friends just shrug and join them for a beer.
  12. “The world shall bow before me.” - Similar to the bad ending of Galaxy Adventure 1 where the Protagonist sides with the Mishhu and leads the Resurgence, destroying and enslaving the entire universe.


Work in progress, yo!

  • Inspired by Oblivion, D20 Modern and DnD 4th Ed.

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