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KOgama is a pan-galactic musical duo rapidly rising in popularity comprised of Nekovalkyrja, Koga Akemi and Ogama Mio. It was created in early YE 34. The group performs synthpop, light and hard rock, heavy metal and traditional Yamataian music.

About KOgama

KOgama is a musical act that performs for free to promote Yamataian charitable organizations and causes. In exchange for promoting its products, TET covers all of the band's expenses. Akemi and Mio donate all of their profits to charity. It is the first idol duo to be formed with an active-duty soldier of the empire. The vast majority of its performances were virtual broadcasts and recordings facilitated by PANTHEON. This is because Akemi spent most of her time serving aboard the YSS Eucharis. Now, though, the band tours around once awhile for shows across many different nations.

Much of the instrumental accompaniment in its songs is artificially generated or provided by guest performers. KOgama regularly collaborates with individual singers, songwriters and musicians of varying levels of fame as well as entire bands. Both of its members started out as amateur enthusiasts having no formal training or professional experience before their debut, but with the help of pros and long hours of practice, they are quickly improving. They initially only covered their favorite songs, but now they are creating their own music and developing their own unique sound.


Koga Akemi

Akemi has a very delicate, feminine sounding voice. Her songs are often energetic and upbeat yet subdued and soft. She enjoys singing modern music in both Yamataian and Nepleslian as well as Yamataian traditional music. Courage, trust, happiness, perseverance and shy, innocent love are recurring themes of the former. She performs such songs in both Yamataian and Nepleslian. As for traditional works, she sings both classical and folk pieces that are frequently about the beauty of nature, glory of battle and love of one's homeland. These songs are sung in Yamataian exclusively and performed with traditional instrumentals and dress. When performing modern music, she likes to wear bright colored, cute, conservative, feminine clothing.

Koga has expressed an interest in Yamatai's distinct musical heritage and culture and desires to help ensure both are preserved. In addition to music, she also performs various traditional dances wearing the clothes associated with them.

Ogama Mio

Though known for her professional attire on the air, with KOgama Ogama Mio wears leather pants and tight-fitting tanks. She has many coats, but her β€œuniform” for the stage is her black leather riding jacket with flecks of glowing neon pink and electric blue molded into it, as if the animal's hide naturally came that way. She also wears Combat Boots and slick-looking sunglasses. She keeps her shoulder-blade-length hair loose.

Ogama's musical style follows elements of metal, rock, blues and synthpop. Her voice is less polished than Koga's, and is deeper, but she projects well and can play electric bass, stand-up bass, rhythm guitar, koto and some keyboards.


KOgama first unofficially formed shortly after it became publicly known that Akemi donated her entire savings to the Yamatai Defeat! Hunger Fund despite doing so anonymously. Her charitable act attracted substantial attention which led to Mio, who was then still a SANDRA news reporter, interviewing her so that viewers could learn more about her. During the interview, Akemi mentioned singing as one of her hobbies and that she wished to perform to raise funds for charity and would begin uploading her music to a personal website in an attempt to do so. Mio suggested singing with her and the two began to perform together, eventually deciding upon the name KOgama.

They worked for several years as a singing duo mostly through teleconference until they began performing regionally when Koga Akemi was no longer in the SAoY. Currently they are touring their most recent album release. They plan to play festivals when the weather warms up. They are signed under Tenth Life, a subsidiary of Akemi's Umbrella.

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