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Legend of Tsukihime and Sol

By Mabu Tsuchi


The story is about a Yamatai princess who held the title Tsukihime, as it was thought that she was born at night, and the reincarnation of the Moon God. She leaves home to meet a Neko who tells the princess that she is a knight sent to escort her and the two have adventures. The adventure is a pilgrimage to several shrines a princess must undertake before she may be considered the Moon God, and be ready to rule over the Moon Kingdom.

In the end the Neko is found to the princess of the sun kingdom, and together the two create a nation of the moon and sun known as Yamatai Empire.

The story chronicles the travels of these two, and the challenges they face. Much of the conflict centered around a Yamatai falling in love with a Neko, and the conflicts of the two kingdoms of Sun and Moon.


There are two great nations that control Yamatai, the moon and sun kingdoms. The Sun is ruled by fist, and it's leader is picked by bloodline and divine right. The Moon is more tranquil, bloodline does not matter and chooses it's leaders via Divine Signs, as such being born on certain days, or alignment of planets/suns/moons/stars.

Both Kingdoms have a ritual of visiting the many shrines, and placing a piece of their memory into each shrine's statue. Once the ritual is complete, the new leader would have experienced many things on their travels, and would be considered fit to rule.

Both Kingdoms have signed a withdraw of force against each other for each time this sacred event takes place, and as insurance they send one of their own to guard the others new leader, by the end of the journey the guard is generally sacrificed by the new ruler as the restart of the war, or if survives gains a high position as general.

Chapters and Passages


Tsukihime (moon princess)

– A female Yamatai who stands with perfect posture and is average Japanese female height with pale luminescent skin and silver eyes, straight black hair that reaches to her feet. She is the incarnate of a Japanese beauty, and is radiant in moonshine. She often wears a long ceremonial dress much like a Shrine Maiden, this dress is mainly blue or purple, with silver lining so it shines in moonlight.

She wields a long two handed katana, the blade being very then and calls it “Snow Blossom,” as it seems cherry blossoms fly around whenever it is being used.

Neko Sol (Yume Sora)

- A female Neko who is physically taller than Tsukihime, though in contrast Sol has tanned brown skin and orange eyes, her blond hair is cut short. Her body is slender, but powerful and carries a royal like beauty from the royal bloodline she has. She wears a simple short sleeved shirt and brown pants whenever she is not fighting.

She wears golden plated armor from her ancestors that was called “Astral,” an armor believed to be made by the gods of old.

At the beginning she carries with her a Greatsword, a crossbow and quiver, 2 axes on her sides. Later she obtains a holy sword, a giant 2 handed sword.

Yue Yusuke

– A Genshin, who claims he is 100 years old. He wears loose clothing and generally wears what could pass as peasant clothing, or a beggar. He is undefeated in hand to hand combat, and a good friend.

His life comes to an end during an epic battle, in which he fights an army. He does not die from the army, but rather his body expires, as his Genshin time limit had finally came. This scene is probably the most remembered part of the novel.

Ziang Endo

- A male Neko, about as tall as Tsukihime. He is an entertainer, and is the comedy relief.

SheShai Shong

- A sprite, with pretty small wings that allow her to fly, her clan has an ability to use sun or moonlight as a channel for their magical powers, and weaker when they cannot have direct contact with both. She in part plays as cupid to Tsukihime and Sol, and typically the one that finds trouble.

Outside Information

Specific Scene list

Referenced things would go here, eventually enough things here could be connected into a story arcs.


The Novel is considered fictional action/romance and was semi popular on release with a sequel said to be in the works in the near future.


OOC Discussion

11-18-08 Scot : Added a whole bunch of stuff.
11-15-08 Scot : Any help and suggestions would be welcome, as this is a work in progress. I plan to add timelines and what not as things are referenced, to eventually be an in game novel ^_^

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