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Love And Wrestling

Koga Akemi Presents: Love And Wrestling (LAW) is a multimedia franchise created by Koga Akemi in YE 39. The focus is on Professional Wrestling, specifically resembling Joshi. Sales of merchandise, such as clothing and music, or special ticket packages featuring VIP interaction with the performers is emphasized. The shows themselves last for several hours, while related events like signings and local appearances take place all day, and can sometimes stretch throughout the week.

The official Love And Wrestling theme song is “Senshuken Ni Nare” by Venus and the Avatars.

Season One: YE 39

The first season consisted of six episodes filmed and broadcast live every other month during YE 39. The first two episodes were filmed on Akemi's Stations, before somewhat larger, more populated venues on Planet Nepleslia became available. A special free outdoor event was even held at a beach on Planet Osman as a treat for the local populace. This season revolved around the quest to become the inaugural Yama-Titanweight Champion, culminating in a title match in the main event of the year's final show.

  • Episode 1: “A New Beginning”
  • Episode 2: “Carnivalentine”
  • Episode 3: “Clash at the Beachhead”
  • Episode 4: “6★Star”
  • Episode 5: “Infinite Climax”
  • Episode 6: “QUEENDOM”

Season Two: YE 40

The second season was filmed across YE 40. After working out the kinks in the original idea and proving its merits, Akemi Koga was able to book larger, higher quality venues. The first episode would be held at Kawaridane Sports Stadium in Tsubomi's Ward 4 on Yamatai (Planet) itself. The use of the much larger venue was possible due to a broadcasting deal with Terebi Network Broadcasting (TNB), a media corporation based on Yamatai.

  • Episode 1: “New Year Flash!!!”
  • Episode 2: “Sakura Struggle”
  • Episode 3: “ALL OUT”

Notable Performers

While a few veteran wrestlers appeared in season one, the roster was frequently filled out with local competitors that only made a single appearance. With the extra finances and attention available in season two, a more permanent cast of skilled performers have already been signed on to appear for most episodes this year.


  • Shayla McBelle, the Mega-Neko Meganekko (Yama-Titanweight Champion)
    • Style: Powerhouse
    • Theme Song: “Mega Power Explode” by KOgama
    • Finisher: Knight In Gale (Airplane Spin Fireman's Carry Facebuster)
  • “The Sparkling Princess” Leo Diamond
    • Style: High Flyer
    • Theme Song: “Actual Sentai Warriors, Leo Station Rangers” by Protect TAM
    • Finisher: Leo Driver 38 (Package Piledriver)
  • “Doki Doki” Yukai
    • Style: Comedy High Flyer
    • Theme Song: “Welcome to Doki Doki YSA!”
    • Finisher: ???


  • Calling Raven, the Maven of Misbehavin' (Leader: Dungeon Dragons)
    • Style: Hardcore
    • Theme Song: “Trisylvania Twist” by J.D. Whitecross
    • Finisher: Dungeon Calling (Shooting Star Press)
  • Maiden Black
    • Style: Submissions
    • Theme Song: “The Black Hemosynth”
    • Finisher: Masterless (Sugar Hold)

Other Employees

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