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Magical Girl Aeternalis

Magical Girl Aeternalis
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Trade Title: Magical Girl Aeternalis
Yamatian Title: Mahou Shoujou Aeternalis
Main Broadcaster: Ashiro TV
Main Studio: Shinka Studios
Main Audience: Ages 6+
Content Types: Tokusatsu, Fantasy, science-fiction
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 12
Aired: Late YE 35 - present

Magical Girl Aeternalis is a live-action (See Tokusatsu) Magical Girl show set in Yamatai City about the fictional life and duties of Rena Tali, a nekovalkryja schoolgirl with a penchant for marksmanship. Set in media res (YE 35), technology is as natural as air in this society. Our protagonist receives the Dragun as a gift from her teacher. Meanwhile Labboids start appearing, and Rena slowly discovers the capabilities of her new found companion. The show is produced by Shinka Studios and airs on one of the more common Yamatai TV networks.


Episode 1: "Trigger! I'm a Magical Girl?!"

Rena Tali and her daily life in Yamatai City are introduced. Midway through, the first Labboids and a vending machine Labborg appear and attack her school. Her teacher grants Rena access to the Dragun, and she becomes Aeternalis for the first time. Asai makes a cameo at the end of the episode as Rena causes collateral damage to the school when finishing off the Labborg.

Episode 2: "Pull! A Mysterious Challenger Appears!"

Rena takes on a swarm of Labboids once the episodes begin, only to be assaulted by Asai. Rena spends most of the episode fleeing away from Asai's superior skill. The episode ends with Rena wondering who this mysterious assailant is.

Episode 3: "Revolve! A Sudden Realization!"

Rena sees a figure one day when transferring classes that looks very familiar, but loses her in the crowds. Soon after, a gun based Labborg appears and attacks the city, then challenges Aeternalis when she arrives. Asai actually manages to arrive as Rena begins engagement, and watches the encounter. Asai leaves into the sunset at the end of the episode, with Rena catching a glimpse after her battle.

Episode 4: "Reload! A New Ally?"

Aeternalis is put on the ropes by a construction mech adapted Labborg, and Asai rescues her in the nick of time. Asai's identity is revealed at the end of the episode. Rena finally learns her name.

Episode 5: "Scope! She's normal?!"

Rena meets with Asai outside of class for the first time to discover that she is. . . relatively normal.

Episode 6: "Jam! A New Enemy!"

Rena gets attacked mid-transformation, and then beats the everloving hell out of the Labborg with her outfit half-altered. The Quintesse makes an appearance early on converting the labborg, and then at the end to mock Rena's efforts.

Episode 7: "Blueprint! Origin Story!"

Asai pulls Rena aside and spends an episode expositioning her backstory because of the Quintesse's appearance.

Episode 8: "Safety! We Must Continue Fighting!"

The dynamic duo start piecing together the Quintesse's plan, finally.

Episode 9: "Cookoff! How Can This Happen?!"

Asai is horribly wounded in battle and taken to the hospital by Aeternalis.

Episode 10: "Maintenance! What do I do now?"

Rena has to deal with both the emotional backlash of Asai's near death, and the physical backlash of no longer having a partner.

Episode 11: "Stovepipe! I Have Become the Enemy!"

The Quintesse finally succeeds in the first stage of their plan, putting the city under a barrier field of sorts. Like a bowl over a cockroach. Aeternalis is targeted and turned into a bounty for the city's “freedom”. Before she goes into hiding, she triggers the Quintesse's “Wild” form.

Episode 12: "Fire!: I Cannot Stand Down!!"

Rena scapegoats herself, praying for a miracle. Asai returns, with two cybernetic arms and rescues her. The city is still under the Quintesse's control, but Aeternalis is fully supported by the people after a heartfelt speech from Asai.

Movie: TBA


Perverted otaku have taken to calling Rena Tali “Rent a Tail,” playing on both her helpful nature and her name in one go.

The character design for Asai looks awfully close to a certain student of medicine


Rena Tali

Magical Girl Aeternalis
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nekovalkryja Height: Average (I.E. around 5' 2“)
Gender: Female Clothing: Regularly a student. Transformed, goes with a sort of Western (Clint eastwood) style plus Lolita
Age: Young enough Eyes: Yellow
Role: Protagonist/Magical Girl Hair: Blonde/White
Special Attributes: Rainbow beams of explosive energy Tagline: “Magi magi Ether blast!”


As a student, she sticks to her school's regular uniform - plus some arm gloves, because she gets cold easily. The dragon on her shoulder most people mistake as a stuffed animal, and most people ignore it. Her civilian clothes generally feature a parka with understated dragon ridges on the furry hood. Downstairs, she wears short-shorts. Underneath that black tights with a scale effect, a low-key yellow highlighting the shine. Rena keeps her hair in a side-tail or pony-tail to keep her hair out of her eyes while shooting.

As a Magical Girl, Rena dons a lolita skirt while taking Nepleslian cowboy garb on top. Her transformation sequence involves the catchphrase, “Access Ether Drive!” The sequence begins with her dragon's eyes lighting up, saying “Access Granted” and projecting the hex grid field, and the two circles above and below her. A digitization effect (A la Tron) shoots from the two circles, “digitizing” her clothes and bathing her in light. Then, the cubes resolidify in sequence, from skirt to coat to appendages, and then finally the coat is pulled in. The dragon transforms last, spawning a circle around its middle and elongating itself as the circles travel along its body, turning it into the Aeternalis rifle.


Incredibly helpful, but not to a fault, per se. More like “club leader” helpful. As any protagonist receiving her powers, she is naive about what she can and cant do, and towards the beginning of the series, very poor in terms of judging what she is able to handle.

Inspiration and Design

Rena is a member of her school's marksmanship club, but prefers the action to the facets of it. The faculty adviser for the marksmanship club was the previous Aeternalis long ago, and frequently regales Rena with tales of her exploits, much to Rena's distaste.

Dragun has enunciated syllables, so it's very clear to the audience that it's a portmanteau.

The character is played by shinka_kaede

See also: Black Lagoon Magical Girl


Nickname or colloquial title
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Presumably Nepleslian Height: 6' 1”
Gender: Female Clothing: Dressed in a hybrid bunny girl/victorian style onsie. Very dangerous.
Age: Around 17 Eyes: White
Role: either their job or trope they fulfill Hair: Messy
Special Attributes: Racer X/Green Ranger Tagline: “You don't understand what you've done.”


Until episode 5, she is only seen in her combat outfit, which consists of an ornate onsie that ends just above her chest, with belted armbands, a tattered scarf or cloak (it is never clear what) around her neck. Instead of standard ears, she has a set of robotic rabbit ears perched on her head. Episode 5 is where the audience sees Asai in Rena's school outfit for the first time, though her prosthetics are much more like doll limbs in that form with stockings over them. In addition, the bunny ears are disguised by a black top hat and/or a bow, depending on her feeling. In episode 9, she loses her arms and gains a sweet set of cyborg limbs to replace them.

Asai's transformation involves the phrase, “Engage activation sequence.” A series of “off” symbols are projected behind her. The series of hexes appear behind her, shooting beams at all parts of her body. These beams cause her clothing to explode/blossom into their respective parts - the “off” symbols turning “on” as the process continues. The legs go last, and then she lands on the ground in a dominant posture.


Quick to attack and quicker still to judge. Very reactionary. She finds herself opposed to Rena in this respect, since she first catches her in the wrong place at the wrong time upon first meeting. She's a very solitary individual, normally, so she's very hesitant to form any sort of friendship with Rena midway through the show.

Inspiration and Design

Asai's robot legs can reshape themselves to grant her special abilities. The ones in the picture above are for striking and cutting, but one of the more common ones are a pair of rabbitlike legs for increased agility. The trick in filming is simply a bit of volumetrics combined with some small amount of cheap, reshaping alloys.

She first made an appearance at the end of episode one, just in time to see Rena blast into a building to eliminate the day's action commander.

Asai's design was one of the last to come, interestingly enough, though the concept for her character was in from the very beginning.

The Quintesse

General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Humanoid alien Height: 6' 1“
Gender: M? Clothing: Well-groomed, generally.
Age: ??? Eyes: Covered normally, red if wild, black if beast
Role: either their job or trope they fulfill Hair: Mostly well-kept, but tends toward chaos
Special Attributes: BIG BAD Tagline: “It's time to make beauty!”


Very attractive, lean-muscled androgynous figure. The Quintess always arrives with a flourish and a sort of white “flower field” effect around them. They dress very loosely, but elegantly. Like sombody teetering on the edge of hedonism and organization. The gauntlet, when removed, activates the Quintesse's wild stage, which breaks part of the mask and transforms using black flower petals and smoke.. If they bother removing the other half of the mask, the final stage is activated.

G͏̹͓O̧͙̦̜̙̥Ḑ̟̱̼ͅEA̹͖̬͈̲̠T̘̫̲E̦R̗̮̹̥͚̬͔ ̼̺͍̼͕̩Q̶U̟̺͜ͅI҉͈̤̰͔ͅNT͍̦̤̺E͈̻͞S̭̘̖̰̫̪̭̀S҉̳͉̮͎̜̙̫E̕ ̥͡W͇I̭̝͖L̡͔̲̤͔̠L͓̣̳ ͎̠CH̙̰̗̝̺̯̦AL̛̪̘L̩͍̩͈̖̜͡E͍͍͈̗̮̯͍N͜GE ̲̬̞͔AL̟͓̰L͖̙͙͡.̛̝̩̘ ̦͎̦̤̞̘


Very much over-the-top and androgynous. Very obsessed with beauty in destruction and chaos. Sort of hits on both Rena and Asai, but kinda not really. Everything about this character IS ambiguity.

Inspiration and Design

The Quintesse is partially based on the Nepleslian myth of the werewolf.

They ARE played by a man, but the character is canonically non-gendered.


Cannon fodder
General Information Physical Characteristics
Role: Mook Clothing: A short descriptor of the character's usual appearance
Special Attributes: Interfaces with electronics Tagline: “Labbu! Labbu!”


Very cyberpunk. Tron-esque lines down each one, generally uniform, but a minor amount of variance as to whether their left or right arm is the monstrous attacker.

There's always one “action commander” type unit in enemy parties. They're callerd Labborg, and would be themed based on some form of adapted technology.


They generally don't have a personality, being “footsoldier” type units. The action commanders are varied as they can come, however, and usually have personalities to match their alchemized item. I.E. one based on a communicator device would be very talkative, to the point where he wouldn't shut up in combat.

Inspiration and Design

Labboids generally spring forth from electronic devices or power sources

The larger action commander units are generally played by Shinka Kaede's boyfriend, who can easily perform the stunts required with his cyborg body.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2013/10/13 09:36 by Moogle.

OOC: Note - Maybe have the earlier enemy go against Rena for a minor cause and reveal later the main enemy actually had a more legitimate evil plot the earlier enemies did not even know of

Attack namesUserWhat they do
Ether Eternal - Infinite Horizon!Rena
Ether ExpetacularisRena
<Luca>What if the Labboids or Quint win in an episode after defeat after defeat from Aeternalis, and are dumbstruck because they haven't won before?
<Luca>"Shall I fetch Champagne?" "I...I don't know! I've never succeeded before!"
<Mog>Episode 9 material.
<`Osaka>Two artificial legs.
<`Osaka><Aiesu> "I... I see what you did there."
<`Osaka>Make this person albino with long blond hair and cool megane type glasses. Make them super cool.
<Mog><Seiren> "See what? This show was produced In Yamatai by Ashiro TV."
<`Osaka>Like bihsounen or something.
<Mog>A female bishounen?
<`Osaka><Aiesu> "....W...Where did they get the inspiration for that character?"
<`Osaka>Yeah. Like, she looks like a super handsome (not pretty) guy. But she's a woman. Reverse-trap.
<`Osaka>Hold on
<Mog>Is it Tohru's friend in Fruit's Basket?
<Mog>The tall one?
<`Osaka>One of my favourite anime ever, Kurau Phantom Memory.
<`Osaka>The protagonist.
<`Osaka>She's amazing.
<`Osaka>She's gifted with this ability after an accident and eventually ends up producing a 'twin' or 'pair'. of herself.
<`Osaka>Its really really fucking good.
<`Osaka>She's a human will managing a body made of this alien made of particles.
<`Osaka>and her body spits out a copy of her initial self, the little girl when she was first struck.
* Mog watches your link
<`Osaka>And the two fall in love, both platonically and romantically and parentally.
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