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Nishitama Television
Main Studio: Nishitama City, Rajio-cho (B2-7)
Main Audience: Trans-Empire, split into regions
Content Types: Entertainment, Sports, Music, Education, News
Key Owners (stocks): Board of Directors (31%)
Kage Yaichiro (30%)
Anonymous Stockholder (20%)
Public (19%)
Founded: YE 30 (Regional), YE 33 (Trans-Empire)

Nishitama Television, also known as NTV, is the major civilian broadcaster for Nishitama City. Initially only Nishitama-wide, it eventually started transmitting through the KMS then finally started broadcasting to the entire Empire in YE 33 over PANTHEON. The stockholders sometimes argue over the content, and its line-up or content there-in can fluctuate from time to time due to arguments between the major shareholders. The network fills several niches, due to its start as the primary civilian network of Nishitama City.

Stocks and Control

NTV has multiple owners, the company traded via stocks. Initially, Kage Yaichiro was awarded 25% of the founding stock for the use of some of his buildings and transmitters, the Board of Directors retained 51% of the company, and the remaining 24% went up for public sale. Early difficulties, however, required the loss of 20% of the stock from the board of Directors – 15% more sold to the public for funding and 5% being given to Yaichiro for use of supplemental buildings instead of a rental payment. Of the 39% made available to the public, one unknown contributor purchased 20% of the total stock anonymously – earning a major piece of control in the company. Who the Anonymous contributor could be is something even the other major shareholders don't know, and has been the root of massive speculation.

On Demand Broadcasts and Subtypes

Rather than playing a specific broadcast at a certain time each day(though this is an option), transmission over PANTHEON allows one to select which program the user wishes to watch at any given time, and which episode. This allows the user to watch missed episodes, watch the episodes again, record them back to back, or skip undesired programs. Due to this there is no real “time-slot” beyond the time of day new episodes are available for viewing. It should be noted that airtime can be dedicated to NTV Original Programming, purchased by another organization(common in sports broadcasts), airtime purchased by the Yamatai Star Empire, or granted by NTV as Public Service.

Advertisements and Ad-free Plans

NTV is available to all without cost, like public broadcasting stations, but relies on advertisements to pay the bills for the “free” customers. Due to this, these customers are not able to fast-forward or skip through commercials, unless the user has viewed the commercial already and has merely rewound to an earlier point of the episode. Advertisements are never found in programs considered public service or those whose airing has been paid for by the Yamatai Star Empire or its agencies. Viewers can fast forward through or completely remove the requirement to watch commercials by paying $30KS per month or by holding at least 0.01% of the stock, though they have the option to keep watching them. This payment also allows for things such as parental controls, the downloading of episodes, even full seasons in high quality without commercials for personal viewing.


The entertainment options often come in the form of anime and movies, the budget of the network more friendly toward computer animation than live-action recording. Original content, therefore, is rarely live action unless syndicated, other popular Yamataian and even Nepleslian shows sometimes being broadcast. Recently, Elysian shows have been made available for the more recent subjects of the Empire. While Kage Yaichiro tries to keep the content culturally sensitive, The board sometimes manages to override him – causing a mix of programming. Entertainment ranges from children's shows to shows recommended for older audiences. Sexual content is prohibited.


Sports from both Yamatai and Nepleslia are available for viewing, creating a diverse array of options. Everything from Flower Arranging competitions to Demolition Derbies are available for viewing, and these are often watched in real time due to the nature of the content. Should a pre-determined break for commercials actually be part of the competition, Ad-free subscribers will be treated to analysis or even court-side interviews instead. Elysian content is slowly appearing with increased frequency.


Music videos from across known space can be viewed, from Nepleslia's Aethersperm to the Elysian Grand Choir. Many races and tastes are represented. All opening and ending credits to the various series on the network are available, as well as some other series music. A commercial will air every four songs, unless the user had paid for the ad-free service. Some minor artists can temporarily air their music here in the “Indie Section” for a fee, to see if their song generates positive feedback or interest.


Educational broadcasts intended as aids for teachers, supplemental education, or documentaries on a variety of topics are made available completely commercial free without charge. The bulk of these programs are public service, or funded by the Empire or its various agencies. Included are an array of series geared toward providing a basic education to those unable to attend classes, such as those who live aboard starships. Supplemental materials like tests, homework, and answer sheets are available for download over PANTHEON. Star Army technologies and ships are not delved into beyond simple explanations already well-known to the public. Donations are accepted.


While these often simply relay major news broadcasts on other stations with extra information relevant to Nishitama and the 1st XF, the station also employs its own reporters for local news on Nishitama. While accessible to many outside the Empire, the news is usually heavily regional. It could even be described as 'quaint' sometimes.


Some major shows currently offered by NTV. This is not the entire lineup.

Series Season Episodes Classification Status
Kamen Sentai Nekoranger 7 182 Entertainment Ongoing
Shiba High School 3 78 Entertainment Syndicated
Funky City Police Department 9 234 Entertainment Ongoing/Syndicated
Seasonal Soap Operas varies varies Entertainment Syndicated
Crimson Flames 9 234 Entertainment Ongoing/Syndicated
Music of Elysia 7 non-episodic Music Ongoing
Sounds of Yamatai 9 non-episodic Music Ongoing
Rockin' Nepleslia 31 non-episodic Music Ongoing/Syndicated
Swords and Samurai 14 364 Sports Ongoing
Guns and Garages 83 4316 Sports Ongoing/Syndicated
BashBall 13 non-episodic Sports Ongoing/Syndicated
Airbike/Starbike Racing 61 non-episodic Sports Ongoing/Syndicated
Explorer 9 234 Education Ongoing
How Does This Work? 9 234 Education Ongoing
Teacher's Aide 16 572 Education Ongoing
Pushing the Envelope 9 234 Education/Entertainment Ongoing
The Xeno Hunter 11 286 Education/Entertainment Ongoing/Syndicated
Ultrabears, Megasharks and Horrorfish:
“Welcome to the Nepleslian frontier.”
9 234 Education/Entertainment Ongoing
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