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The Weekend with Koga Akemi

The Weekend with Koga Akemi, also known simply as The Weekend, is an entertainment late night talk show hosted by Koga Akemi, joined by long-time musical partner, Ogama Mio.

The Weekend With Koga Akemi
Title: The Weekend with Koga Akemi
Main Broadcaster: YEEC 1, Akemi's Gazelle
Main Production Companies Akemi's Umbrella, Yukosfilm Ltd
Main Studio: Crossroad Complex Studio 4
Seasons: 1
Aired: 1ๆ—ฅ 2ๆœˆ YE 40
Logo: Akemi's Umbrella Logo

About The Weekend

The show airs each Saturday night at 20:00 local Kyoto time. It features three standard segments: Breaking Down the Day; Guest Talk; and either Audience Mayhem or Guest Games. The show generally involves two or more celebrities, including a singer or band to close up the show. The studio is shaped as an ampitheatre, with the audience seated on descending rows, with the stage split into the band corner on the right, Akemi's desk and guest couch in the center, with the curtains and game stage to the left.

On most nights, the desk is decorated with one of the guest's own props, Reynolds the Aardvark, and sometimes afterwards these remain and are carried over to the other episodes. These include: a signed Ribbon microphone from Ronald Makron, a fern from Elisabeth Vander, and a large signed picture beside the desk of Akemi and Royals.

The standard crew involve Koga Akemi playing as host, Ogama Mio as leader of his permanent back-up band, and a stuffed aardvark, named Reynolds, that is commonly treated as the viewer. The show has a fixed process: it opens with Breaking down the Day, where Akemi takes the most important news of the day and comments on it.

Afterwards opening credits are rolled and he tells people to, 'Come on in'; then he reveals the guests, who are presented with the opening of curtains of different colors. Akemi proceeds to talk to them about their affairs and of their current projects in his usual friendly manner.

The show then proceeds with a third segment. These involve one of the Audience Mayhem games, which consist of: Q/A, where the audience can ask questions to the guests, which often leads to asking personal questions; Wheel of Entertainment, which sees an audience member do one of the following things: a dance-off with a guest, a dramatic re-enactment of a guest's work, or a sporting challenge. Lastly, there is Audience Talent Show, a reverse Q/A where the audience members tell of a specific talent they may have. They can challenge the guests or Akemi to battle them in this talent.

There is also Guest games, which involve: Karaoke Concert, which see a singer and Akemi sing their repertoire in a public venue filmed earlier; Ridiculous Movie Ideas, which sees a guest star in a funny rip-off of their own work; and Celebrity Ruse where a celebrity tells two truths and a lie, in which the audience must guess which is a lie.

After these segments, there is a musical ending, with a celebrity singer or well-known band closing of the show, before Akemi thanking the band and telling Ogama to, 'Have a good rest of your weeekend!'. Ending credits role with executive producer Harati Yuko and production designer Henry Marcus both appearing, and closing with the YEE's logo next to the logo for Akemi's Umbrella. Koga Akemi himself appears as both host, producer, and co-writer.


The first broadcast was on 1 February YE 40, with a large pilot episode of 50 minutes, featuring Koga Akemi as host interviewing well-known actor Ronald Makron, his bandmate Ogama Mio, and Yukosfilm Ltd president Haraki Yuko. The broadcasts since then have involved multiple Golden Lotus Awards, as well as Stellar Awards, Soul Awards, and Marble House Awards winners and nominees, including Royals and Cabinet director David Carter.

The first pitch for the program was given by Koga Akemi himself, who wanted to become a show host for some time already. This went through his company Akemi's Gazelle, an international news agency. After hiring his own scriptwriting crew, the show was sent to Yukosfilm Ltd, who designed the studios and broadcast the show on YEEC 1. The current contract allows for shows for the upcoming two television seasons, up until summer YE 41. The first pilot gave a steady viewer rating of just under six million, the highest opening ratings for any show on YEEC 1 for over three years. Since then, the rating have remained steady at just under four million, with more than ten million video-on-demand viewings each week.

A spin-off series, called Karaoke Concert, was announced for airing in YE 41 after growing popularity, to be hosted by Koga Akemi, as well. This will be produced and aired in the same way, only slotted to be on Monday nights to kick off the week.

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