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Common Supply Chain Ammunition

CSCA is a standard specification for ammunition created in YE 33 intended to allow ammunition to be used between various different weapons.

CSCA program started in YE 33, providing specifications for standardized ammunition that could be used across a wide range of weapon systems for infantry and power armored soldiers. It has the goal of allowing the Nepleslian Military to streamline its supply chain, of providing the nepleslian soldier with a range of weapons that use CSCA, of providing top of the line ammunition, and of helping share the specification amongst manufacturers that supply NAM.



The standard launched grenade for CSCA is a 40mm in diameter projectile that is 180mm long including the casing. The casing expands to 44mm just before the midway point. The casing can be no longer than 130mm and requires a special firing cap that can be electronically or mechanically fired. The round must also be able to move the projectile forward on its own. The last specification is specifically to allow for the ammunition to be shared between coilguns and regular launchers with some success. Caseless rounds are also acceptable so long as they meet the requirements (as there is no minimum casing size required). Any ammunition that fits this specification can be used in CSCA 40mm weapons.

The 40mm grenade is less practical for infantry use than 20 or 30mm rounds and against standard infantry even the small 20mm round would be more than sufficient. The 40mm was chosen anyways for two reasons. Because of powered armor and highly resilient organisms like the NH series or NMX shock troopers and because it can carry more payload for specialty rounds.

40mm Grenade Types

Weapons that use CSCA 40mm

30mm x 3mm Coin Magazine

Taken from the HPAR 33, the 30mm x 3mm coin magazine is 25.19cm long, 16.6cm in diameter and 20.21cm tall. The ammunition feed is on the top, front of the magazine while the wire feed is on the top back. Fully loaded the magazine weighs 19 lbs. The magazines are always paired with a coolant cartridge, 4.51cm in diameter and 12.75cm tall.

Weapons that use CSCA 30x3mm Coin Magazines

Infantry Power Magazine

The NA-E3300 CSCA Infantry Power Magazine is a 20cm long (Height: 3cm Width: 5cm) ‘brick’ designed to hold enough power to operate energy pistols or coil guns. It is also designed to stack well, with a special connector surface on the top and bottom that allows for several to be snapped together as needed to fit snugly into a larger power armor scale weapon (or for a power armor scale power pack to be broken down and used for pistols).

The connector on the end of the battery is the same used by the BR-28 Series Battery Magazine of the Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 30 so that scavenged ammunition can be used to feed CSCA weapons.

Weapons Using CSCA Infantry Power Magazines

30mm Mass Driver

Nepleslia's 30mm Mass Driver Rounds was conceived in YE 34 as part of the CSCA project to streamline the SMDIoN's logistical system. These rounds are intended for use in conventional Power Armor mass driver weapons like the NAM Light Coil Autocannon LCA-02.

Weapons Using the 30mm

12 Gauge

Somewhat of a no-brainer for Nepleslia, considering the shotguns already in use by their forces already use 12 gauge ammunition. The CSCA program exclusively uses a 3 inch, 12 gauge round for shotgun style weapons, and intends to support this by generating new types of 12 gauge ammunition.

The standardized CSCA 3 inch, 12 gauge round uses a firing pin that can be triggered mechanically or electronically.

Weapons that use CSCA 3 inch 12 Gauge


The new assault rifle round of Nepleslia, developed in YE 34 by NAM. It provides a balance of stopping power as well as lethality. It comes in three variants: a solid FMJ, a jacketed hollow point, and a jacketed soft point.

Weapons that use 6.8x43mm

Pistol Rounds?

Possible Candidates

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