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Jackelope APC

The Jackelope was designed in YE 35 and production started later that year. It was the first wheeled armored troop transport used by the SMDION. Unlike most of NAM products, the Jackelope was also available for commercial purchase.

About the Jackelope

In YE 34, there was an increasing need for troop carrying vehicles that were armored. While the NSMC did have the K4 APC variant, it was judged that a domestic design was required for all services. So, with its usual elan, the Terratech wizards set about designing and refining an APC design for inter-service requirements.

The result was the Jackelope platform. Like most Nepleslian designs it was blocky and simple. The remote weapons system mount on the top could have multiple direct weapons installed to suit the varying service needs.

Its armored front means that drivers will not have any compunctions about ramming aside any smaller vehicles that get in their way. This feature was particularly appealing to the average nepleslian marine.

Key Features

  • Armored Prow
  • Remote Controlled Gun Mount
  • Large passenger capacity


The Jackelope is a boxy, treaded armored personnel carrier with an armored prow.

Statistical Information

  • Type: Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)
  • Class: Na-K6
  • Designer: Terratech
  • Manufacturer: NAM
  • Production: Mass Production
  • Price: 10,000 DA1)
  • Crew: 2 (Driver & Commander/Gunner)
  • Passenger Capacity: 10
  • Width: 2.15 meters
  • Length: 4.20 meters
  • Height: 3.00 meters
  • Range: 600 kilometers
  • Lifespan: 10 years


  • Ground (Unladen): 0-125 kilometers/hour
  • Ground (Laden): 0-85 kilometers/hour2)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.


In the front, there are two seats for the commander and driver to ride. If there is a need to use the mounted weapon, the commander has the ability to control it remotely from his console. The driver and commander seats are bareboned compared to other nepleslian vehicles, relying primarily on their AVCU to interface with the vehicle's monoeyes from the outside. The commander's seat is little more than a chair with a console, with basic controls for the RWS. His egress hatch is directly above him.

The driver's seat is even more spartan, consisting of a seat, and a steering wheel. His egress hatch is also directly above him.

Behind them, in the troop compartment, there are two rows of five seats facing inwards. These seats are just large enough for Power Armored troops to use and have harnesses for users who aren't in bulky armored suits. There is no weapons rack in the middle as occupants are expected to hold onto their weapons and gear. The interior is cramped, noisy, and not terribly comfortable, but beats the hell out of getting shot.

All occupants must enter and exit from the rear hatch.

Weapons Systems

The Jackelope's default armament is a single HPAR in a remote weapons system mount. This can be swapped out for anything that can fit in a remote weapons system mount. There is also the option to mount a 'Kegbuster' Tactical Rocket Launcher instead of the aforementioned HPAR.

Onboard Systems Descriptions


It is powered by two UCF-04a. One fusion generator is enough to completely operate the APC, the other is kept as a backup in case of failure.

Commander's Remote Weapons System

The Jackelope's RWS is one of defining features, making the vehicle extremely adaptable for wide-spread use. It can mount a variety of weapons to allow the APC to provide support to its disembarked passengers.


Military variants of the Jackelope mount a VBP system, however, due to design limitations the vehicle can only project a single barrier triangle or barrier wall at a time. The barrier wall can have a maximum area of 10 square meters and the barrier triangle has side lengths of 2 meters.

Cargo Capacity

None, unless they are carried by the passengers. The crew has small racks on the outside of the vehicle to mount their possessions.

Standard Equipment

Designed as a simple vehicle, the Jackelope features very little extra conveniences and is not equipped with a lot of complex or expensive technology. It comes standard with a Nepleslian Medical Kit and two Na-FE32.

The Jackelope also features a simple air filtration system which removes most biological agents. However, it is not NBC protected to keep the cost down.

The driver and commander each have a standard radio headset at their stations. They can tune these to any radio frequency to communicate with their passengers wirelessly.

SMDION weapons are not included with civilian variants.
“Laden” in this instance meaning ten power armor-equipped infantrymen.
Military models only. Not available in the commerically-sold variant.
4) , 7)
Must be reloaded manually.
Versus armor, hull, and shields/Versus barriers.
Versus barriers. Also causes electrical shortages in unprotected electronics.
Per magazine. Must be reloaded manually; furthermore, an additional rocket can be loaded into the Kegbuster itself for a total of four “loaded” rockets.
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