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The T4B is a large shuttle designed in YE 32 for rapid transport of cargo. The ship is very Spartan, having little more than what is required to do its job. Paired with a powerful FTL system, this is one of the fastest ships produced by NAM at the time of its deployment.

About the Ship

The T4b is a small, fast, cargo transport. It contains enough room for a ground vehicle like the Na-K16a or a large SSCC. It is intended for use in emergencies to get critical supplies to a target area fast rather than for long term logistics operations.

Key Features

  • VTOL capacity
  • Rear Ramp
  • Configurable Cargo Area
  • Fast FTL engines

Mission Specialization

  • Cargo transport
  • Emergency Response


History and Background

The T4 was developed in YE 33 as a fast personnel transport to shuffle for time critical operations, meetings, or other activities. Shortly after a B variant was developed that focused on cargo transport. By removing the passenger area found on the T4A, the T4B can hold an entire large SSCC as well as a pair of junker drones to quickly load or unload the container.

Statistics and Performance


Class: Na-T4B
Type: Rapid Cargo Shuttle
Designers: Heram J. Wazu, Nepleslian Arms and Munitions, Drei, AwesomeCorp
Manufacturer: NAM, AwesomeCorp
Production: 6
Fielded by: SMoDIN, NAM


Crew: 1 pilot


Length: 48 meters
Width: 35 meters
Height: 12.5 meters

Propulsion and Range

Hyperspace: .9 ly/min
Sublight Engines: .15c
Lifespan: 2 Years
Refit Cycle: once every 5 months

Damage Capacity


  • Hull: 8
  • Shields: 5 (Threshold 1)

Inside the Ship

Nose/Remass tanks

In the forward most section of the craft is the craft's reaction mass (Remass) tanks, sensor equipment, and forward thruster assemblies. This equipment can be accessed by removing the upper section of the nose of the craft but is intended to be kept separate from the crew while in flight.

The ship’s remass tanks can be filled through use of the intakes on the main engines, allowing the ship to refuel for space travel while flying in a planet's atmosphere.


The T4 uses a standard NAM Standard Shuttle Cockpit situated behind the nose section of the craft.

Cargo Bay

A simple cargo with numerous cargo tie downs on the sides, and ceiling with rollers on the floor to help move cargo pallets around. There is enough room to hold a single Na-K16a transport, several power armors or a Large SSCC. A single Na-C3-H3103 airlock blocks off the cargo bay from the cockpit. The ship’s hyperspace taps are located under the floor paneling of the cargo bay.

Ship Systems

Critical Equipment

Communications: Courier Communication Suite
Computer: Na-C3-E3101
Computer Network: Na-C3-E3104
Engines, STL: Na-T2-P3200 4 Medium + 21 Small thrusters
Engines, FTL:Na-CDD-XX Super Vogel FTL system
Life Support Systems: Na-C3-V3102
Shields: Na-CXS-01 Shield Suite, Na-C3-r3101
Power Generation: Na-C3-G3101 x2

OOC Notes

Wes approved this article here. It has a special exemption from certain parts of the Starship Speed Standard.

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