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Nepleslian Star Navy

Formed in YE 28, the Nepleslian Star Navy (NSN) was created to defend Nepleslia's interstellar interests. In those days, it fell under the umbrella of the old Star Army of Nepleslia(SAoN). The Star Navy was also much smaller in those days and relied on a hodge-podge assortment of warships. For example, in the Kennewes Offensive, the majority of Nepleslia's naval assets were deployed against the entirety of the Reds' military force.

Nepleslian Star Navy Insignia

Today, the NSN is a much larger, better organized combat force than in those heady days of its inception. It is now comprised of four fleets and uses only Nepleslian-made warships. Each Fleet is led by a Grand Admiral who report directly to the Sky Marshal. The Navy has participated in every military conflict that Nepleslia has been in. The NSN contains Nepleslia's military starships and works closely with the NSMC.

The NSN also provides feedback to NAM for current designs and helps them come up with new ones.

The current commander of the Nepleslian Star Navy is Sky Marshal Gaelan Sanders.

Current Fleets

Fleet Name Commanding Officer Ship Count
1st Assault Fleet Grand Admiral Barrett Valke 2,156
2nd Assault Fleet Grand Armiral ??? 1,375
3rd Assault Fleet "Wolf Pack" Grand Admiral ??? 911
4th AASP Fleet Grand Admiral ??? FIXME
NSN 1st Defense Fleet Rear Admiral Violetta De Luca FIXME
Reserve Fleet "Forsaken Fleet" TBA 700

All fleets carry numerous squadrons of starfighters such as the N-F/A 01, Na-FA4, and Na-F/A 02 Hammerhead-Type Strike Bomber.


The list below contains all of Nepleslia's current naval inventory.


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