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Outrider Armored Car

The Outrider is an armored car developed by NAM for use with all governmental branches. It is also for sale to civilian buyers, though without the option to mount an electronic turret or weapons.

About the Outrider

The Outrider is a cheap, durable and reliable armored car developed by NAM Terratech in YE 35 for widespread use. It is not intended for front-line combat use but rather as an armed, protected transport. The Outrider mounts an optional electric turret that can be equipped with almost any vehicle weapon makes it an extremely versatile addition.

While some have compared it to the Jackelope APC, the two are not the same. The Jackelope is a more powerful vehicle while the Outrider has a longer range. The Outrider is also less armored than the Jackelope, putting a tier below the Jackelope in terms of protection offered. The last difference is that the Jackelope is a tracked vehicle meant for conventional warfare, while the Outrider is a wheeled, off-road vehicle meant for reconnaissance or any other number unconventional military assignments.

The vehicle itself is a Durandium Alloy frame covered by Meridium armored plating. The enclosed turret is made of durandium. Aside from the fusion engine, it is very much a conventional wheeled vehicle and possesses a drivetrain, transmission, shocks, axles, etc.

Nonetheless, it has found interested buyers in all of Nepleslia's various military and law enforcement agencies. Military planners see it as an cheap and efficient platform for supporting the heavier Maximus tanks when they are used as offensive units.

Key Features

  • Armored frame
  • Electric Turret
  • Five Passenger Capacity


The Outrider is a blocky vehicle with angled sides and corners to deflect incoming rounds. It has a slightly rough surface from an application of energy and heat absorbing coating. Its engine is mounted in the front, covered by Meridium armored plating like the rest of the car. The optional turret is mounted in the center of the passenger block. The bottom of the hull is V-shaped, making it IED1)-resistant, and giving it a very high ground clearance.

Statistical Information

  • Type: Armored Car
  • Class: NA-AC1 (Universal: NA-K2)
  • Designer: NAM Terratech
  • Manufacturer: NAM
  • Production: Mass Production
  • Price: 2500 DA2)
  • Crew: 2 (1 Driver, 1 Gunner)
  • Passenger Capacity: 5
  • Emergency Capacity: 8, though it would be very cramped and unsafe.
  • Length: 2.80 meters
  • Width: 1.85 meters
  • Height: 2.10 meters
  • Range: 250 kilometers
  • Lifespan: 10 years


  • Ground: 0-150 kilometers/hour

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: Tier 6, Heavy Armor


There are seats for six, two in front and four behind. Behind the passengers, there is a storage area for their weapons and equipment. To use the turret, the operator needs to get onto the firing step. The turret's rotation is controlled by two pedals, one to go left and one to go the other left.

Onboard Systems Descriptions

Beyond the standard speedometer and other driving instruments, the Outrider features an onboard GPS system and the option to mount an electric turret that can be manned.

Its engine is one UCF-04a.


The electronic turret mounted on many Outriders, especially military versions, is a simple motorized revolving frame. It is controlled by two foot pedals, which rotate the turret left and right.

The standard weapon for military versions is the NAM 30mm Medium Chain Gun. It can also be equipped with a Kegbuster, a single-shot 80mm rocket launcher, or a HPAR; all replace the 30mm chaingun.

It comes standard with a regular iron sight. It is possible to mount an aiming laser or a red dot sight in place of the iron sights.

Note: The following weapons are not commercially available for purchase.

Cargo Capacity

There is a rear cargo storage area in the boot of the car. NPF and IPG models normally mount a weapons rack here but military models usually leave it empty for miscellaneous cargo stowage. Even with a weapons rack, there is space for a couple small bags to either side.

Standard Equipment

Seatbelts come standard. A rarity on many Nepleslian cars.

Improvised explosive device
SMDION weapons are not included with civilian variants.
3) , 6) , 10)
Versus armor, hull, and shields/Versus barriers.
Note: Each magazine is loaded with the same kind of ammunition and must be reloaded manually.
5) , 8)
Must be reloaded manually.
Versus barriers. Also causes electrical shortages in unprotected electronics.
Per magazine. Must be reloaded manually; furthermore, an additional rocket can be loaded into the Kegbuster itself for a total of four “loaded” rockets.
Versus barriers and unshielded electronics.
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