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Nepleslia Police Detective

⚠ WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

Detectives in the NPF are a specialized caliber of officers that work to solve

Since the old days of open warfare on the streets, Detectives of Nepleslias police force have operated on the streets to solve crimes too complicated for the simple mind of the average beat-cop. Working in pairs detectives identify clues and evidence from active or past crime scenes to track down perpetrators and bring them to justice by investigating crimes and alleged criminals and collecting evidence and facts.

Detectives jobs include:

  • Cold Cases
  • Unsolved Murders
  • Interviewing potential suspects
  • Testifying in court as a witness or expert
  • Stakeouts.
  • Infiltrating gangs and criminal organisations
  • Securing crime scenes
  • Gathering evidence
  • Weeding out corruption.

Detectives work in pairs of two or three and an Inspector depending on the size of the precinct, And work outside the beat. Usually only answering to the veteran sergeants and commissioned officers of their precincts. No dress code is enforced upon detectives seeing as they are usually blending into the streets in plainclothes, Though having a badge on their person and keeping a neat appearance is a requirement.

Even working outside of the beat and the proximity of other officers, Detectives are no pushovers and shouldn't be taken lightly. The ability to summon other officers on demand and even having the authority to request DTR teams for time sensitive stings make the detective a walking glass cannon that if provoked can turn an entire precinct or even district against someone, As well as being gun slinging masters of the HHG make the average detective a force to be reckoned with, Though not invincible.

Before becoming a Detective, Field grade officers must first work on patrol, typically for a two to five year period minimum. Detectives who have served this long are usually picked out from experienced field grade officers such as sergeants who have had a feel for the beat and have proven themselves to have a high degree of survivability and experience learned on the streets. Little training is offered or required seeing as the skills required to become a detective are often acquired on the beat. But what training is offered fills in the gap over a six week period back at the police academy.

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