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Nepleslian Police Ranks

While the NPF does have a paramilitary organization, its ranks differ markedly from the proper military's. It is still a civilian organization and this is best reflected in the ranks and duties performed by its officers.

Command Officers

Command Rank in the NPF is the level at which police officers command and set policy from the rear instead of the field. While Station Chiefs may sometimes take to the field in a large case, it is a rare day for anyone higher to do so. The higher one goes, the more the job becomes about setting and enforcing the NPF's mission.

Pay Grade Rank Name Notes
CO-4 National Commissioner - NC In charge of every NPF force on any planet that houses one, And is responsible for making sure the laws of nepleslia are held to the same standard on every planet, And that any new or old laws are kept to date and translated to planetary commissioners. In charge of allocating resources and manpower to form new precincts and training academies on worlds without NPF presence.
CO-3 Planetary Commissioner - PC In charge of every precinct in every city on the planet, Allowed to request aid from Navy or NSMC durring crisis with governors approval. In charge of coordinating NPF forces alongside militia, Navy, And Marine forces across the planet incase of an invasion
CO-2 Precinct/City Commissioner - CM In charge of the Precinct headquarters and all stations within the precinct, Acts as station chief for precinct headquarters, Dispatches DTR teams
CO-1 Station Chief - CF In charge of an NPF station, Issues or denies orders, Dispatches units, Requests backup from adjacent precincts

Field Officers

Field Officers are the men and women of the NPF who risk their lives daily to uphold and enforce Nepleslian law. When violence on the street erupts, they will bring greater force to bear in order to restore peace. There are three tiers of Field Officers: (1) the Commissioned Officers, who work in investigations and specialist units or command several squads of lower ranked officers; (2) Non-Commissioned Officers, experienced and hardened veterans, who work as the true field leaders, leading squads of (3) Field Officers, trained to respond to any crime or emergency.

Pay Grade1) Rank Name Notes Weekly Pay
Commissioned Officers
OF-3 Captain- Cap Highest commissioned rank. In charge of leading all officers in the field in a crisis, Making statements to media officals on scene, Negotiating with suspects, And responsible for the actions of all field-grade officers in the field.550 DA
OF-2 Lieutenant - LT Second commissioned rank. Second in command in the field to a Captain. 500 DA
OF-1 Inspector - Isp First commissioned rank. In charge of weeding out corruption within the field-grade officers and ensuring everybody does their jobs by the book 450 DA
DE Detective Equivalent to a sergeant in rank, Detectives act independently from the daily beat-cop routine of the field grade officer. Where enforcing laws, Protecting the people and taking down wrongdoers is the job of the former. The Detectives job is to act solely on the purpose of investigating and solving high profile murders and crimes that otherwise would tie up vital resources of a precinct. 400 DA
NC-2 Senior Sergeant - SSGT Un-corruptible veteran peacekeeper and source of experience to lean upon in times of crisis. In charge of coordinating field-grade officers from multiple precincts when coordination and leadership are needed. 350 DA
NC-1 Sergeant - SGT Earned through merit or seniority among the field grades. Responsible for taking charge over field-grade officers of their precinct when required and keeping hopeless rookies alive. 200 DA
Field Grade
FO-4 Field Officer, Grade 4 - FG4 Highest field grade rank, Sergeants right hand man.80 DA
FO-3 Field Officer, Grade 3 - FG3 Third highest Field grade rank without command responsibilities. 70 DA
FO-2 Field Officer, Grade 2 - FG2 The most numerous of officers, Proven they can hold their own on the streets 60 DA
FO-1 Field Officer, Grade 1 - FG1 Rookie cop fresh onto the beat 50 DA
FO-0 Officer Candidate - OC A rookie officer straight out of the academy. Assigned to a veteran to make sure they dont die on their first day. 30 DA
Note, DTR trained officers are given a 50 DA raise upon completion of their training
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