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Star Army is huge universe with over 600 unique places to visit, including star systems, planets, cities, military bases, shops, and many more locations. This page is the hub for finding them.

Note: Currently the staff is working on a vast quality update for all Star Army places, including using the new Places Template, which adds information about the local population, an automated list of characters in the location, RP Opportunities, and local rumors. If you'd like to help ith this, contact Wes on the forum.

List Filters

You can filter the list of places below by using these tag clouds to filter by faction or location type.

Places should be categorized by what they actually are, not what they happen to contain. For example, just because a planet or a military base has a restaurant, does not make those places a restaurant.

List of Places

This is a list of canon places in the Star Army universe. You can filter it using the search boxes at the top of each column.

#Place ImagePagePlace CategoriesFactionParent Place
142starmount.jpg42 Starmount Drivebuilding, residenceYamatai Star EmpireTania
2ASE-006star systemAbwehran Star EmpireKikyo Sector
3AX-01star systemIndependentKikyo Sector
4AX-03star systemKikyo Sector
5AX-03 IplanetAX-03
6AbwehrplanetAbwehran Star EmpireJaspis
7Adir Star Systemstar systemInterstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia
8AeguplanetYamatai Star EmpireGensou System
9Agaridan Spaceportmilitary facility, starportYamatai Star EmpireMinato
10Ahmarplanet, star systemYamatai Star EmpireKikyo Sector
11Ahrbegstar systemYamatai Star EmpireBard Cluster
12ainu_orchards.jpegAinu OrchardsresidenceYamatai Star EmpireJiyuu III
13aisu.jpegAisuplanetYamatai Star EmpireUX-27 System
14Akarui Star Fortressmilitary facilityYamatai Star EmpireValentine
16Akestar systemYamatai Star Empire
17Akemi's Stationsbusiness, space stationDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaKikyo Sector
18Akikostar systemBard Cluster
19250726d2c709174a372fb3d1bc18.jpegAkina Systemstar systemYamatai Star Empire
20Akuro NebulanebulaYamatai Star Empire
21Al'Mirzamplanet, star systemIromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth
22Albinistar systemYamatai Star EmpireYamatai Star System
23Algol's Incredibly Legitimate Import EmporiumbusinessDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaFrancia City
24Alixxionstar systemIndependent
25Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori"space stationYamatai Star EmpireNataria
26Amit Basemilitary facilityNew Dusk ConclaveSX-01 β€œVale”
27Anakesstar systemElysian Celestial EmpireKikyo Sector
28Anisa Systemstar systemYamatai Star EmpireKikyo Sector
29Aoi Hasu (Blue Lotus)business, restaurantYamatai Star EmpireChiharu no Iori
30AoyamaplanetYamatai Star EmpireYamatai Star System
31Aquarius Star Fortressmilitary facility, space stationYamatai Star EmpireKoukotsu System
32AqueousplanetYamatai Star EmpireSX-06
33Aries Star Fortressmilitary facility, space stationYamatai Star EmpireNataria
34ArsenalplanetIndependentBlue Rift Expanse
35Artumestar systemElysian Celestial EmpireKikyo Sector
36Arzankstar systemYamatai Star EmpireKikyo Sector
37motoyoshi_palace.jpegAsagumo-joresidenceYamatai Star EmpirePort Jiyuu
38Asura IIIplanetYamatai Star EmpireAsura System
39Asura Systemstar systemYamatai Star EmpireKikyo Sector
40ayames_nebula_1.jpegAyame's NebulanebulaDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaKikyo Sector
41Ayanoplanet, star systemYamatai Star Empire
42ayumi_nebula_1.jpegAyumi NebulanebulaYamatai Star EmpireMotoyoshi Colonial Sector
43Azoreastar systemIromakuanhe Astral CommonwealthKikyo Sector
44Bai'yusaenahe'mahstar systemKingdom of NeshatenKagami Galaxy
45BakufucityYamatai Star EmpireDaichi
46Bard Clusterregion, star clusterYamatai Star Empire
48BastiaplanetIndependentThe Nassau System
49Biesi Systemstar systemLorath Matriarchy
50Bizankro Systemstar systemKikyo Sector

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