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Star Army is huge universe with over 600 unique places to visit, including star systems, planets, cities, military bases, shops, and many more locations. This page is the hub for finding them.

Note: Currently the staff is working on a vast quality update for all Star Army places, including using the new Places Template, which adds information about the local population, an automated list of characters in the location, RP Opportunities, and local rumors. If you'd like to help ith this, contact Wes on the forum.

List Filters

You can filter the list of places below by using these tag clouds to filter by faction or location type.

Places should be categorized by what they actually are, not what they happen to contain. For example, just because a planet or a military base has a restaurant, does not make those places a restaurant.

List of Places

This is a list of canon places in the Star Army universe. You can filter it using the search boxes at the top of each column.

Filtered by "Faction" equals "Independent"

#Place ImagePagePlace CategoriesFactionParent Place
1AX-01star systemIndependentKikyo Sector
3Alixxionstar systemIndependent
4ArsenalplanetIndependentBlue Rift Expanse
6BastiaplanetIndependentThe Nassau System
7Blue Rift Expanseexpanse, space phenomenonIndependentKikyo Sector
8Boneyardstar systemIndependentKikyo Sector
9Bridge of Sighsstar systemIndependent
11Cavalonstar systemIndependent
12Darsostar systemIndependentKikyo Sector
13Detritus Stationspace stationIndependentHX-17
14Great LighthouseplanetIndependent
15HX-18star systemIndependent
16Hinoki Pagodabusiness, space station, sports venueIndependentKikyo Sector
18IIS Avalonspace stationIndependentAX-03
19ISS ExpatriatestarshipIndependent
20ISS SobekstarshipIndependent
21Inferno WindbarIndependentValaad (An Rhy)
22Jensen's BarbarIndependentFrancia
23Jios Systemasteroid belt, planet, star systemIndependent
24Juuitsu Farm Complexbusiness, farmIndependentTeisenjou
25Koenicstar systemIndependentKikyo Sector
26Kohana CitycityIndependentKohana Cloud
28mitsuya_ii.jpgMitsuya Systemplanet, star systemIndependentMotoyoshi Colonial Sector
29miyamae_system.jpegMiyamae Systemplanet, star systemIndependentMotoyoshi Colonial Sector
30MorantplanetIndependentThe Nassau System
31Njord Systemstar systemIndependent
32Null and Voidstar systemIndependent
33Osman Systemstar systemIndependent
34Paracruxstar systemIndependent
35Pilgrim Stationbusiness, residence, space stationIndependentJios System
36Planet OsmanplanetIndependentOsman System
37Relay MoonmoonIndependentKagami Galaxy
38Reservoir Systemstar systemIndependentKagami Galaxy
39Rot MΓ€dchenbarIndependentKikyo Sector
40Shattered Shellbar, cafeIndependentFunky City
41Shinjuku StarportstarportIndependentHanako's World
42Shravana HiveplanetIndependentShravana System
43Shravana Systemstar systemIndependentKagami Galaxy
44Sood ZadracityIndependentUX-3 III
45System "Port Hope"star systemIndependentKagami Galaxy
46The Black MoonmoonIndependentHalna
47The Nassau Systemstar systemIndependentKagami Galaxy
48Tiig'Riibastar systemIndependentKagami Galaxy
49UX-1star systemIndependent
50UX-1 IplanetIndependentUX-1

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