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Star Army is huge universe with over 600 unique places to visit, including star systems, planets, cities, military bases, shops, and many more locations. This page is the hub for finding them.

Note: Currently the staff is working on a vast quality update for all Star Army places, including using the new Places Template, which adds information about the local population, an automated list of characters in the location, RP Opportunities, and local rumors. If you'd like to help ith this, contact Wes on the forum.

List Filters

You can filter the list of places below by using these tag clouds to filter by faction or location type.

Places should be categorized by what they actually are, not what they happen to contain. For example, just because a planet or a military base has a restaurant, does not make those places a restaurant.

List of Places

This is a list of canon places in the Star Army universe. You can filter it using the search boxes at the top of each column.

#Place ImagePagePlace CategoriesFactionParent Place
51Bizankro Systemstar systemKikyo Sector
52Black Sands Test Rangemilitary facilityYamatai Star EmpireYamatai (Planet)
53Blaze's Spotgovernment facilityDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaReikan Park
54Blue Rift Expanseexpanse, space phenomenonIndependentKikyo Sector
55Boiling HotplanetDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaSystem R-1 "Freebeer"
56Boneyardstar systemIndependentKikyo Sector
57Bowhordia Systemstar systemKikyo Sector
58Breaker's Point (Urghaflu)star systemDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
59Bridge of Sighsstar systemIndependent
60Bufarksasteroid beltYamatai Star Empire
61Cancer Star Fortressmilitary facility, space stationYamatai Star EmpireGreat Southern Nebula
62Cascade PrimeplanetCascade System
63Cascade Systemstar systemKagami Galaxy
65Cavalonstar systemIndependent
66Cellondorastar systemKikyo Sector
67Cellondora IIIplanetYamatai Star EmpireCellondora
68Central Fleet Depotmilitary facilityYamatai Star EmpireYamatai (Planet)
69Central UesureyacityYamatai Star EmpireYamatai (Planet)
70Chateau Hanakobuilding, business, residenceInterstellar Kingdom Of KuvexiaHanako's Palace
71Chen NebulanebulaYamatai Star EmpireKikyo Sector
72chie_location.jpgChie Research Basemilitary facility, space stationYamatai Star EmpireCreepy Passage
73Chiharu no Ioricity, military facility, space stationYamatai Star EmpireVeronica
74Chikara Starbasemilitary facility, space stationYamatai Star EmpireKikyo Sector
75Chisou NebulanebulaYamatai Star EmpireKikyo Sector
76Compound BelmontresidenceYamatai Star EmpireYamatai (Planet)
77Cosmos Star Fortressdestroyed, military facility, space stationYamatai Star EmpireScrapyard System
78chie_location.jpgCreepy Passageexpanse, regionYamatai Star EmpireMotoyoshi Colonial Sector
79DX-01 β€œNewhaven”star systemNew Dusk ConclaveKikyo Sector
80DaichiplanetYamatai Star EmpireDaichi System
81Daichi Campusgovernment facilityYamatai Star EmpireDaichi
82Daichi Systemstar systemYamatai Star Empire
83Damasica (Neo Kohana)planet, star systemDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaKikyo Sector
84Darsostar systemIndependentKikyo Sector
85Dawn CitycityNew Dusk ConclaveSirris VI
86Dawn Stationspace stationKikyo Sector
87Degonjo Saeruo (Hidden Sun System)star systemPoku Saeruo DegonjoSiama Rya (Soul of the Divine)
88Delsauriastar systemDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
89Desperados RestaurantrestaurantYamatai Star EmpireUesureyan Fields
90Detritus Stationspace stationIndependentHX-17
91DoshingtoncityDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaPlanet Nepleslia
92draco_star_2.jpegDraco Eridanus Systemstar systemNew Dusk ConclaveKikyo Sector
93Dress, AppropriatelybusinessYamatai Star EmpireKyoto
94Drib Star Systemstar systemInterstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia
96E-12 Beta Rhoinebula
97EX-1 Kerenstar systemElysian Celestial Empire
98EX-2 Agathestar systemElysian Celestial Empire
99EX-3 Iolestar systemElysian Celestial Empire
100EX-4 Asteustar systemElysian Celestial Empire

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