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Star Army is huge universe with over 600 unique places to visit, including star systems, planets, cities, military bases, shops, and many more locations. This page is the hub for finding them.

Note: Currently the staff is working on a vast quality update for all Star Army places, including using the new Places Template, which adds information about the local population, an automated list of characters in the location, RP Opportunities, and local rumors. If you'd like to help ith this, contact Wes on the forum.

List Filters

You can filter the list of places below by using these tag clouds to filter by faction or location type.

Places should be categorized by what they actually are, not what they happen to contain. For example, just because a planet or a military base has a restaurant, does not make those places a restaurant.

List of Places

This is a list of canon places in the Star Army universe. You can filter it using the search boxes at the top of each column.

#Place ImagePagePlace CategoriesFactionParent Place
1Kagami Galaxy
2Mining Guild SettlementNew Dusk Conclave
3wazu_nebula_1.jpegWazu NebulaYamatai Star EmpireKikyo Sector
4Fort IngestrieYamatai Star EmpireTatiana
5YSS MazuYamatai Star Empire
6ISS Haru No HanabiYamatai Star Empire
7MevarYamatai Star EmpireBard Cluster
8Bufarksasteroid beltYamatai Star Empire
9Jios Systemasteroid belt, planet, star systemIndependent
10Taiieasteroid belt, nebulaYamatai Star EmpireBard Cluster
11Ecstatic PonybarYamatai Star EmpireLibra Star Fortress
12Inferno WindbarIndependentValaad (An Rhy)
13Jensen's BarbarIndependentFrancia
14Kakushi NekobabarYamatai Star Empire
15Rot MรคdchenbarIndependentKikyo Sector
16Sam's Island Grillbar, restaurantYamatai Star EmpireHanako's World
17Shattered Shellbar, cafeIndependentFunky City
18The Snowdrop Hotel and Barbar, hotelYamatai Star EmpireYamatai (Planet)
19The Chrome CatgirlbarYamatai Star EmpireKyoto
20The Furious SoundbarYamatai Star EmpireKyoto
21The Green OceanbarDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaFunky City
22The Pitched Battlefieldbar, sports venueYamatai Star EmpirePort Jiyuu
23The ThronebarYamatai Star EmpireKyoto
24Yamada RefugeYamada Refugebar, hotel, residenceYamatai Star EmpireJiyuu III
2542starmount.jpg42 Starmount Drivebuilding, residenceYamatai Star EmpireTania
26Chateau Hanakobuilding, business, residenceInterstellar Kingdom Of KuvexiaHanako's Palace
28Imperial Blossom DomebuildingYamatai Star EmpireMotoyoshi-Cho
29Jiyuu JobuildingYamatai Star EmpireTokyo
30Tamahagane Corporation Citadel (Nejiro) Towerbuilding, businessYamatai Star EmpireYamatai (Planet)
31Uesureyan Fortressbuilding, military facilityYamatai Star EmpireYamatai (Planet)
32Nyx's Villabuilding, residenceNew Dusk ConclaveSirris VI
33Yugumo Science SymposiumbuildingYamatai Star EmpirePort Jiyuu
34Akemi's Stationsbusiness, space stationDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaKikyo Sector
35Algol's Incredibly Legitimate Import EmporiumbusinessDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaFrancia City
36Aoi Hasu (Blue Lotus)business, restaurantYamatai Star EmpireChiharu no Iori
37Dress, AppropriatelybusinessYamatai Star EmpireKyoto
38Hinoki Pagodabusiness, space station, sports venueIndependentKikyo Sector
39Juuitsu Farm Complexbusiness, farmIndependentTeisenjou
40marshes_by_concept_on_mac.jpgKennewessian Racewaysbusiness, sports venueDemocratic Imperium of NeplesliaKennewes
41KitanomarubusinessYamatai Star EmpireKyoto
42Pilgrim Stationbusiness, residence, space stationIndependentJios System
43Rosenthal'sbusiness, store (clothing)Yamatai Star EmpireKyoto
44Sachiko's Tinker Spacebusiness
45Shinjuku Market Districtbusiness, regionYamatai Star EmpireHanako's World
46Toyotomi Training Institutebusiness, schoolYamatai Star EmpireTernifac
47Ypperlig Cafรฉ and Izakayabusiness, restaurantYamatai Star EmpireKyoto
48Yugumo Corporation Headquarters and OperationsbusinessYamatai Star EmpirePort Jiyuu
49The Catchy CafecafeYamatai Star EmpireKyoto
50Miharu Shrinecemetery, park, place of worshipYamatai Star EmpireKyoto

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