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42 Starmount Drive

42 Starmount Drive is a quadplex located in Tania. It is just off of a major road and a five-minute walk to a train station where one can go to Kyoto with ease. Behind it is a public park. It is also close to the Star Army Academy of Military & Medical Sciences.


Bult in YE 34. Sacre Ven Sanssinia purchased this property with Kara "Gravity" Sifsdottir as a cosigner in early YE 43.


The design is a traditional Yamataian design surrounding an open patio. It has four units labeled A, B, C, and D. The four units surround a large shared patio that has the main entryway. The patio has a small fountain as a centerpiece. Each unit has a small kitchen and dining area, a living room, a master bedroom, two smaller bedrooms, and two bathrooms. There is space for parking eight vehicles in the front. There is also a shed in the backyard where Sacre has a workshop. The exterior is white with natural wood trim and a blue roof.


On the south side of Tania, it is close to a train station and roadways.



Apartment A: Sacre, Gravity

Apartment B: Marigold

Apartment C:

Apartment D:



RP Opportunities

Sacre and Gravity live in apartment A, and rent out the other apartments. It is a place for people to have a slice of life, and occasionally have Sacre insult people.

Local Rumors

  • There is a rumor that a whole live pig was delivered here, but no one has seen it.
  • There is a rumor that Sacre leaves peanut butter in various locations so she can have a snack while she is studying.


  • Sacre's Knife Collection

OOC Notes

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