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Hoshi no Iori

The Hoshi no Iori ring was a circumstellar ring built around the Yamatai Star System. It was destroyed by NMX forces in YE 33 during the Battle of Yamatai.

  • Stellar Radius: 0.8 AU from star
  • Surface Gravity: 1.0 G (inner)
  • Length of Day: Constant
  • Length of Year: Not Applicable
  • 150,000,000 mile diameter
  • 750 mile thickness (vertical)
  • 50 mile thickness (horizontal)
  • 471,238,898 mile circumference

The surface area was roughly 1115 times that of the Earth.


The interior of Hoshi no Iori is sleek and sophisticated. Although massive areas (each larger than the surface area of several planets) are self-contained ecosystems (forests, farmlands, etc.) the majority of the finished sections resemble the interior of an enormous starship. Hoshi no Iori has 18 regional command centers (each responsible for 20 degrees of the ring) but no centralized capital thus far. Travel around the station is provided by a constantly-running high-speed lift and electromagnetic rail system.

Hoshi no Iori is the only place besides Yamatai where PANTHEON's nodal system is in _full_ effect. This It means that the environment there is saturated with tiny, tiny nodes that form the lower level of Pantheon's system of observation and control. Using the nodes, things can be altered on a subatomic level. People with the right knowledge can use this to perform β€œmagic” and to tailor their surroundings to the preference. It also means that the ring knows everything that is happening on it.

Population density in the habitat/city areas varies widely, from wilderness to overcrowded streets and tiny apartments. Kessaku Anri is the head of HNI.


  • Kessaku City
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