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Joukai is the second settlement on Daichi. The settlement center was constructed out of Type 30 City Block, this allowed the creation of the basic infrastructure. After the initial development, the construction effort was then scoped to developing structures of Elysian design for the inhabitants. It features a number of spires which have an expansive view of the mountain range.

Location of Ryou

Elevation: 2,286m (7,500 feet) Population: 25,000

Rail System

Twin tunnels were dug using M.O.L.E.S. - Mineral Ore Location and Extraction Systemrunning from Joukao to Ryou. Excavation took 60 days. Two Type 32 Rail Train has been put in place providing transport.

Bus Service

In YE 34 EM-K6 "Kouteki" Grav-Bus service was added to the city, and limited service to the other cities.


At the end of YE 34 work began to install a EM-K7 - Monorail system, with EM-K7 - Monorail Stations throughout the city. It connects to the long distance rail system already in place.



A Community Backup Center is present at the center of the government complex.

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