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Mayame Officer School

Star Army Training Logo The Mayame Officer School (MOS) is the newest Star Army Training Administration dedicated training facility. The mission of the MOS is to provide basic officer training for the Star Army of Yamatai. It was established in YE 34 as part of improvements by Shinja Noriko-Chusa. The facility is located at the western edge of the Shinzui at Fort Hankou on Ronica (Planet).

It was named after Ketsurui Mayame.


Recruits who have completed college education may apply for attendance at the Academy. Enlisted military personnel who complete a college education can apply for attendance.

During their training all attendees are referred to as Kenshūsei or Trainee regardless of what rank they may have had prior. All trainees are automatically placed on the Yamatai Prestige System for the duration of their training.

Note: Those without an Star Army Enlistment Contract cannot join the Star Army or be trained.

The School has a maximum student capacity of 576 trainees. Sessions start every two months, so there are always two different sets of trainees present.


Trainees receive a subset of the Star Army Standard Issue Items. The following is the Trainee issue:

Trainee Issue


The program is 120 days and provides the following training:


Graduates of the School typically receive the rank of Shoi Kohosei, Officers with this rank are still in the process of learning what it means to be a leader, mediator, and officer.

Wash Out

Any soldier who fails to graduate has two options. They can be released from their contract and return to civilian life, or enter the service as an Enlisted member with the rank of Yontô Hei.


The actual campus consists of several structures.

Administration Building

The Administration Building is at the center of the campus, next to the parade grounds. It is a four story structure with ample windows that look out at the various parts of the campus. It houses the following:

  • Commandant's office
  • Administration section
  • Medical Facility
  • Communications


  • There are six single story structures which serve as the classrooms. They are located north of the Administration Building in a 4×3 arrangement. Each structure has two classrooms. Each classroom has seats for 36 students, with a computer available for each. Each class room has a small office for the instructor's use. There are communal bathrooms located between the class rooms. The windows are equipped with polarizing glass that allows the instructor to darken the room as needed.


There are six dormitories in the campus located west of the Administration Building. The dormitories are two floor structures, the second and third floors are arranged into Standard Star Army Infantry Squad Cabin style rooms housing eight trainees. Six to a floor with three communal bathrooms and showers which handle 16.

The first floor has a large common room where the trainees receive their daily briefings, and serves as their recreation room. Also on the first floor are the laundry.

Located just north of the Dormitories is the Fitness Center, a state of the art Gym.

Simulator Complex

The Simulator complex houses a variety of training aides, physical simulators and virtual ones. It is located south of the Administration Building. The Complex is a large geodesic dome building.


Floors one and two of the complex are the simulators. This is where Star Army of Yamatai trainees who are going to be assigned to starships, receive hands on training on ship simulators. There are control rooms where instructors can monitor the simulators and the trainees. Instructors can also program situations for the trainees to deal with. Typical configuration:


For standard planetary training the trainees use the Wakusei Gunjin of Fort Hankou.

For simulations dealing with unusual environments, the complex has a number of Virtual Collective Experience simulators which allow the instructors to create any designed situation to test the recruits.

Parade Grounds

Located east of the Administration Building, the parade grounds are used for practicing drilling to help build teamwork, discipline, and self-control. They are also used for ceremonies including the graduation ceremony for trainees.

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