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Tamahagane Corporation Citadel (Nejiro) Tower

This is the new headquarters of the Tamahagane Corporation, located in Teisenjou, Yamatai (Planet).

They chose to use the definition of Citadel for Nejiro, as it reflected the strength of the corporation.

The most distinctive feature is the 1,000 meter tower that rises above the site. This serves as the primary location that all corporate activities are coordinated from. Nejiro Tower also goes 150 meters below the ground. Most of the subterranean aspects are support equipment for the tower. Although there are several levels of underground parking available as well. Note: The height does not include the communications array at the top of the tower.

The tower overlooks the Kachimi (Victory) Park in the middle of the city. It is a sloped tower, with a curved exterior. The base is 420 meters long, and 200 meters at the widest point. There is an underground monorail station that serves as a main hub for the city mass transit system.

Nejiro Tower

Located on the north and south side of the tower is a large mirror pool which is home to a variety of strains of Koi. The pools are more than just ornamental, they are part of the tower's cooling system.

Citadel Interior

The Nejiro tower has 250 floors above the ground, and 18 underground. Tower floors are 4 meters from one floor to the next. Underground levels are 8 meters.

Floor(s) Purpose
249 - 250 Tamahagane Corporation CEO Suite
246 - 248 3 Cloud Restaurants
244 - 245 Cloud Park
240 - 243 Aerospace Parking
231 - 239 Tamahagane Corporation Space Operations
226 - 230 Tamahagane Corporation Office space and conference area
236 - 225 Tamahagane Corporation Suites
231 - 235 Suites (Rental)
205 - 230 Tamahagane Corporation Apartments
204 Tamahagane Corporation Telecommunications Center, SYNC Systems
203 Tamahagane Corporation Security Force
201 - 202 Aerospace Parking
151 - 200 Tamahagane Corporation Marketing, Accounting, Operations
101 - 150 Tamahagane Corporation R&D
51 - 100 Apartments (Rental)
49 - 50 Aerospace Parking
11 - 48 Office Space (Rental)
2 - 10 Shopping Center and Restaurants
1 Entrance, Lobby and Subway entrances
B1 Mass Transit EM-K7 - Monorail Station
B2 Parking Level
B3 Parking Level
B4 Storage, Utilities
B5 Storage, Utilities
B6 Storage, Utilities
B7 Storage, Utilities
B6 - B18 Structural supports


Aerospace Parking

Because of the size of the tower, there are several parking areas. These allow shuttles and grav vehicles to enter. This affords those who live or work in the upper levels easy access to transportation. The parking is assigned, although there is access for hired vehicles.

The top parking is larger because it has space dedicated to the future restaurants above it.

Cloud Park

This section is an indoor garden park, it has a number of walkways. Benches are positioned along the walkways for people to sit and relax. A small waterfall at the north end of the park feeds into two small streams. The streams are filled with small colorful fish. There is a small flock of Yamataian Scissor-Tail Flycatcher that are tended to by caretakers.

The rest of the area is a lush lawn, with assorted bushes and flowers. The ceiling is a volumetric display that emulates the sky above. The park lighting follows the local day/night cycle. During the evenings floating lamps provide mood lighting.

The parks is open to the occupants of the tower.

Cloud Restaurants

This space is reserved for the establishing of three upscale restaurants. At present due to the food shortage these facilities are unoccupied.

Space Operations

Teisenjou is not just a city, between the ferry station, shipyards it is also the local spaceport as well. The space operations controls and monitors all traffic between Teisenjou and the Amatsu-Yamatai.

In addition Space Operations is also responsible for tracking and monitoring all Tamahagane Corporate Fleet resources and the various space structures owned by the corporation.

Telecommunications Center

The Telecommunications Center is responsible for maintaining and monitoring discretely all communications within the tower and managing external communications. This section works in hand with security to ensure that the systems are not compromised. The system is set up to monitor data requests, access attempts, etc.

No communications is actively monitored except when required by a warranted Yamatai National Police officer.

The Center has a small closed circuit television studio. This is used to supply public service announcements,

CEO Suite

This area is reserved for Tamahagane Hikaru, his family, retainers, and personal guests. It is divided into three sections. Half of the floor is for the CEO and his family and personal retainers. The remaining space is divided into a section for guests, another for servants, and lastly a contingent of Tamahagane Samurai.


This area is where the primary power distribution, water treatment, and heating and cooling systems are located. The tower trash processing center is also located in this area which separates the waste into recyclable vs non-recyclable.



The Nejiro Tower is equipped with Ge-H3-E3300 - STATCOM Network (Civilian). This handles all telecommunications within the building.


The Nejiro Tower is equipped with a Ge-H2-E3300 - Senkun Dual Quantum Computer System for its computational requirements.


The Nejiro tower is built on a frame of Osmiridium to support the structure safely.

Motion Dampeners

The Nejiro Tower is fitted with Tuned mass dampers to counter building sway from normal breezes and wind. It is also equipped with an array of graviton engines that can be employed during severe tropical weather.

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