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Nishitama not only refers to the YSS Nishitama, but also Nishitama City inside. Both are covered in this article. In YE 42 it is currently located in orbit around Jiyuu III, it was previously located at the center of the Ketsurui Military Sector, orbiting Planet Himiko.

YSS Asari/YSS Nishitama

Originally named YSS Asari (YL-608), the Horizon-class Colony Ship was part of the Galaxy Expeditionary Group. it was later renamed the YSS Nishitama (YL-608). The Horizon-class Colony Ship design was rendered obsolete by the advent of more advanced colony and expedition vessels and the ships were sold.

While no longer state-of-the-art military technology, it is fully capable of sustaining life comfortably for 25,000 people. When the Mishhuvurthyar War ended in YE 30, an influx of both refugees as well as former SAoY personnel found themselves without a job, or a place to live. While a city on the planet Albini and other planetary public works are being discussed, they were too distant to cater to these masses.

As such, Kage Yaichiro used his own funds to purchase the YSS Nishitama for 20,000 KS on clearance from Pisces Station. Given that the price was 1 KS per potential occupant (20,000 occupant capacity + 5,000 visitors), the purchase of the Nishitama was seen by some as Chiharu's mercy. The YSS Nishitama was brought up to livable condition by former SAoY engineers and technicians hired by Yaichiro, and then opened as an alternative to going planet-side.

Since the YSS Nishitama is unable to enter a planet's atmosphere, the Subjugator-Class Landing Ship YSS Atlas (YL-002) was also purchased both for transport of citizens and goods, though the ship is self-sufficient. The Atlas was one of the first Subjugators made, and has had its weapons systems removed. It cost 8,000 KS on clearance.

Nishitama City

the City of Nishitama is 5 km by 1.5 km, and has a maximum residential capacity of 20,000, though it can also hold 5,000 additional visitors. It was formed in YE 30 in response to the need for more living space for those displaced by the reduction of SAoY forces by Empress Himiko, as well as returning POWs from the First Mishhuvurthyar War. While merely a drop in the bucket, the Nishitama was an effort in the there and then to do something about the situation, when the construction of new planetary cities was only beginning.

The Nishitama has two types of citizens, permanent and transient. They have the same rights, but are determined by their plans…whether to stay permanently on Nishitama, or only live there as a “transitory step” until other arrangements are made. This usually impacts housing arrangements more than anything else.


Radio Town (Rajio-cho) (light grey)

Rajio-cho is actually the technological center of the city. Shops, arcades, conventions, competitions, and other fun things can be seen here. It is also the site of Nishitama's two broadcasting centers, one of which is public, the other government-managed. This particular district also has a good number of recording studios.

Money Town (Kogane-cho) (gold)

The center of business, Kogane-cho is truly the place where the most currency changes hands. Corporate centers and businesses of all kinds can be found here, as well as homes for those who do not wish to commute. Unlike in most major cities, there is no fee for parking, as the problem of insufficient parking spaces does not exist.

Residential Area 1 (Hito-cho) (peach)

This is the first residential district, and contains various types of housing from condominiums and small houses, to medium-large homes with beach front property. Yaichiro has the latter, in close proximity to Rajio-cho.

Residential Area 2 (Ichiin-cho) (orange)

This is the second residential area, and is much like the first, save that it has closer proximity to the city's economic centers of Geemu-cho and Kogane-cho. It is also located close to Gundan-cho and the Southern Shipyard, meaning a mix of civilian and military personnel live here.

Military District (Gundan-cho) (white)

Gundan-cho contains housing for military (and respected former military) personnel. It also contains any military-controlled buildings, and shares a border with Kanrikoyku-cho due to the importance of intercommunication between the government and civic leaders.

Game Town (Geemu-cho) (lavender)

One massive arcade, Geemu-cho contains all sorts of tourist attractions and games, from simple arcades, to Nepleslian-style shooting galleries, to full-immersion holographic game sites. Some of the most hardcore gamers in the galaxy can be found living entirely in Geemu-cho; and are considered Geemu-cho Hikkikomori, due to their game obsession and isolation solely in this district. Many games are actually designed here as well, as well as in Rajio-cho. Due to this, it is not unreasonable that the two are interconnected, and some even think of them as the same district.

Amusement Town (Yuuenchi-cho) (pink)

This is one huge, city-run amusement park. Again, parking issues have been completely eliminated, removing that particular issue with the family outing. Made to attract tourists for economic stimulus, Yuuenchi-cho has all kinds of rides from many different cultures, swimming areas, booths with many different types of food, an intergalactic zoo, and multiple stages for performing artists.

Center of Administrative Bureau (Kanrikyoku-cho) (maroon)

This is where the civilian administrative offices are, like City Hall, the various bureaus for public services, etc. Its border with Gundan-cho emphasizes how closely tied the two tend to be.

District Independent Areas

Areas not part of any specific district are considered District Independent. These are not always public areas, though all parks, beaches, and waterways are considered district independent.

Parks (dark green)

Four major parks for the enjoyment of citizens can be found in the city. These contain meeting areas, ponds, playgrounds, eating areas, and other such simple pleasures.

Docks (dark red)

This is mostly in the hull of the ship, consisting of airlocks, and only a 10 meter by 20 meter area actually connects to the city for security purposes.

Shipyards (Funekensa) (red)

Small craft such as shuttles and scouts can by built here, though larger ships can be designed and partially assembled before being fully assembled in space. This space can be rented out to companies, though Yaichiro keeps a private R&D site at the Southern Shipyard, which includes Project THOUGHT. The Southern Shipyard is usually attached to Military Contractors, due to its proximity to Gundan-cho. The Northern Shipyard is for Civilian endeavors.

Under Nishitama City

The 300 decks under Nishitama City are mostly used for production or storage, much like a conventional Horion-class ship. However, Deck 1 is dedicated to parking vehicles, so every building in the entire city has underground parking available. Sometimes, in large areas, this can dip into Subdecks 2 and 3, if space is not being used by the Nishitama Transit System. Subdecks 2 and 3 are used by the Nishitama Transit System.

Transit System Map

The Nishitama Transit System consists of a compact system in Subdecks 2 and 3 below the city. It serves the same purpose as a city's subterranean mass transit system, but is smaller and easier to maintain.


The staff of Nishitama City, as well as the ships responsible for sustaining her, are largely crewed by former SAoY personnel. Lately, many systems and offices on Nishitama were rearranged to comply with the more nationalized model found on other Star Army worlds, including branch offices for Yamatai's assorted government agencies. However, the actual staff have not changed greatly. The ship's maintenance personnel are former Technical Sentries and Engineers, the Police and Fire Response personnel are supplemented by former Power Armor Pilots (who use Less-than-Lethal measures whenever possible) trained to work in an urban setting, and the hospital system is staffed by former Medics. Command Staff tend to have some SAoY command experience, and the transport and inventory people tend to be from the Star Army Logistics system.

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