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Norfrost is the North Western most land mass on Yamatai (Planet). It is an island within the arctic circle known for its harsh winters, glaciers inhabited by trolls and unique atmospheric phenomena. It is frequented by tourists for the beauty of its sunrise.

More about Norfrost

There is only 1 major population hub on the island, the City of Frozen Maiden. At the center of Frozen Maiden is the namesake, a 70-meter-tall ice statue of a woman wrapped in robes with her hand raised to the sky, that is carefully maintained by the city's staff. It is unknown who the statue is supposed to represent or who originally created it. It is one of the city’s only tourist attractions aside from the sunrises. A singular port to the west services the population. Scattered throughout the island are smaller villages that have an active hunting and fishing culture. The Trolls live a clannish warrior culture up in the mountains.

Off the coast are several smaller islands. One island located 58 kilometers south east 1) of Frozen Maiden was utilized as a base by the criminal, Eve as a stronghold 2).

Along the northern ridge of the continent is a large former PNUgen research laboratory that studies the local marine and terrestrial species among its other biological research.

Temple of the Frozen Maiden

To the right of the temple is a massive evergreen Yew tree considered sacred. To the left is a large crystalline statute of a beautiful elven maiden wearing long flowing robes that is holding a large intricately carved bowl that is overflowing with frigid spring water with a large winged serpentine creature lounging at her feet.

Before the Grand Star Army existed with ships possessing Trans-dimensional drives, a young Ketsurui Yui traveled to other dimensions through the trans-dimensional gate located in the heart of the Temple of the Frozen Maiden. The trolls that inhabit Norfrost and the Elves of Xiularia are rumored to have been brought to Geshrintall through the gate inside of the Temple of the Frozen Maiden from an unknown dimension. The trans-dimensional gate is no longer functioning as it was in ancient times with the departure of AvaNet, which was originally powering the gates. It is rumored that the Star Army of Yamatai has a way to power the gates, if they ever had the desire to do so.


Winter is harsh and affects all without consideration. Survival is the most important thing and weakness is not welcome. The people of Norfrost live by a harsher set of rules to cope with the bitter winters. Adherence to a strict warrior culture and a chain of command is heavily enforced.

Akemi to Ram during TFL- Act 3 Scene 4: Issues at Hand
“Gladly,” Akemi said swiftly, eager to further quell the situation with an easy explanation. “Malak is far older than us and has no doubt seen much harsher times, he is also Morioka-sama's aide and possibly her guard. As her personal attendant I imagine his sternness is a highly valued and necessary quality. Please do not judge him by the standards of the day, though I believe he would surely meet them. I imagine that his position required our taisho's approval, therefore I believe we should defer to and trust in her judgment.” She then addressed Ram Malak, “I apologize for her behavior, sir. She should have known better. Though it does not pardon her transgression I feel it prudent to point out that she was only recently assigned to us as our supply coordinator and that she is not a regular member of our force.” “I had no intentions of killing her, just teaching her a lesson about respect and discipline. A lack of these things will get her killed. Do you seek more clarification? I will begin by saying that I measure punishments in the marks they leave. Perhaps it is an old way of doing things, but Miria, as you call her… she will be fine within the hour. The shock of the experience will settle on her soul, however, and challenge her to view the world beyond a veil of such innocence.” He paused to take a breath. “Innocence, in the eyes of some, is insubordination. Despite two warnings, she insulted my honor by labeling me with the name of a child. Her obliviousness to the gravity of her error would earn a severe lashing in Norfrost. But, we are not in Norfrost.”

They are a harsh people that like to warm themselves by the hearths of their families with hearty meals, good strong drink and relax with friendly bouts or strength or storytelling. Tenacious, stubborn, proud and honorable. If a Norfroster gives their word, they will do everything in their power to fulfill it, so they do not make promises lightly and are generally considered to be detrimentally honest.


Most of the region worshiped the old Gods, of Avanet but in recent times, they have turned to atheism or ancestor worship as much of modern Yamatai practices. The ancient sacred groves of linden, ash, yew, or elm trees still stand in testimony to a different time, marked with faded stones bearing runic carvings. Some still chose to worship the old Gods and tend to the groves and leave offerings of alcoholic spirits at the base of the trees as opposed to the ancient tradition of animal sacrifice. There is a particular reverence given to the largest tree in the groves, that is considered the warden tree, which was believed to contain a spirit that protected the nearby city and the pious families from harm. Damaging these particular trees is considered a serious offense and they are clearly marked to prevent people from damaging them. See Vörðr.


Estimated population of 11,000.

The people of Norfrost tend be taller and stockier than the Yamataians of the southern continents. They tend to appear fair skinned, with blonde, brown or red hair and light coloured eyes. People from the Northern part of of the continent tend to favor Blonde hair while those from the west tend to favor ginger hair but darker hair is also prevalent throughout the region. The more traditional women tend to wear their hair long, in a braid with a colored ribbon threaded into the braid.

The icy mountains of Norfrost are home to Tröll.

Flora and Fauna

Norfrost is home to several thick coated mammals and a wide variety of arctic birds. The plant life is hardy, consisting mostly of lichen, moss, and coniferous trees but there are a variety of ash, yew, linden and elm trees that flourish here. In the few months of spring and summer, a white variety of wildflowers emerge from the snow and bring much needed color to the landscape. The waters off Norfrost is rich in aquatic life and sea going mammals, to include seal lions and many varieties of whales and dolphins.

Unique Species
Ram and Bhelith during TFL- Act 3 Scene 4: Issues at Hand
Ram found it; a preserved flower from the edges of Norfrost. It was a flower that grew only briefly in the summer, and its petals had wilted by now, but there was still a shadow of its former beauty locked within. He turned to Bhelith and extended the flower to her. “Do you remember this flower?” “The tears of Reyvaden.” Bhelith accepted the flower tenderly, sensitive to its delicate state, careful even with her breath. “In truth, I had forgotten.” “It is a magnificent flower, one of the most beautiful in all of the land,” he said as he handed it to her. “Her red petals are said to have inspired poets and artists to their greatest heights.”
  • The tears of Reyvaden: A highly aromatic crimson petaled flower that grows only for a month in the summer in the hinterlands along the coast. Prized for the rare honey made from its pollen, and its essence for perfume. Anything made from the Tears is fairly expensive due to the flower's short season and the difficulty in cultivating it in a lab.
  • Yeti: A species of large thick hided mammals that are prized for their snowy white fur and leather 3)

Norfrost in Roleplay

Characters from this area tend to heavily favor names from ethnically Nordic cultures but there is still a presence of Japanese names.

Characters from Norfrost

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