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Ouchi Prison

Ouchi Prison is a super-prison built on Planet Kotori in YE 28 by the 5XF. In YE 29 the prison was used against the colonists by the Mishhuvurthyar. The prison returned to the Star Army of Yamatai control in YE 29 by the Fourth Standard Fleet. One kilometer west of the prison is the Ouchi Memorial. The prison is located 1,100 miles from Genseirin.

The prison is built into the side of a large hill and with the exception of a few structures is completely subterranean.

Outside the entrance to the prison, the following features were added.

There is a Star Army Century stationed at a garrison just outside of the wall. They augment the security inside the prison, and oversee all prisoner transfers.

The prison is designed to hold up to 3,200 prisoners per block with (400 per floor). For a total capacity of 12,800. Additional expansion is possible.

100 meters under the hill is the top of the main prison structure. There is the central core and off it are the four prison complexes.


The core is a cylindrical constructed area that provides common features for the blocks.

Floor Facilities
C1 Administration Level
C2 Security Area, Galley, Mess Hall
C3 Prison Hospital
C4 Utilities, Laundry
C5 Engineering Level


Ouchi prison has four actually Blocks of cells which are accessed by 100 meter corridors that connect the B1-B2 levels of the block to the C1-C2 of the Core.

Floor Facilities
B1 Storage Level
B2 Standard Prison Cells
B3 Standard Prison Cells
B4 Standard Prison Cells
B5 Standard Prison Cells
B6 Standard Prison Cells
B7 Standard Prison Cells
B8 High Security Cells
B9 High Security Cells

Prison Cells, Standard

These cells feature a foam mattress on a raised area at the back of the cell that serves as a bed or bench. The floor and the raised area are coated with an extremely durable, fire-resistant plastic to protect the concrete floor and to prevent the prisoner from hurting themselves on the floor. The cells also include a plastic toilet, built into the floor, against either the left or the right side of the wall. The ceiling features a metal heating vent and a transparent Durandium Alloy window from which lights shine down; both are permanent (lights are replaced via a maintenance tunnel above the cell).

The actual cell door is made of transparent Durandium with a white stripe across that is labeled with the prisoner's identity and/or number. There is a small slot at the bottom of the door for food tray delivery.

Prison Cells, High Security

High security prison cells are lined with Zesuaium and have two sets of airtight doors.


In YE 33 the prison facilities were upgraded with the following:

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