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Sargasso: Dockfront District

Here is a list of notable areas and locations in Sargasso's Dockfront District.

Wayfield's Legacy Mall (Formerly The Wayfield Offices)

The unofficial mayor's office prior to the hard times, once standing in stark contrast to the Projects and ruling the landscape. Now it is abandoned and heavily vandalised by dissidents of the tycoon's mismanagement. Wayfield's name and logo has been scratched from every object and their memory remains tarnished.

In its place, a shopping mall was erected in YE 37 and the ruins demolished, with a strip mall section on the outside and a parking lot inside the building, integrating with the mall. It has been noted that the open plan of the mall's lower floors allow for both very good car chases through the mall, and excellent drainage capability during floods.

Commercial Lane

Between the Commercial Lane and the Projects was where most of the migrants set up their businesses, ensuring that the travelling miners would stop by for supplies to and from home. There were some notable establishments made during YE 31 and YE 32 that still survive today:

Establishment Name Service Provided Date of Establishment Proprietor
Karl's Threepenny Bullets Guns, Ammo, Target Practice est. YE 31 'Karl the Huntsman'
Karl's Threepenny Bullets was a shop where most workers went to vent their frustrations about Wayfield's management at the range. However, as time went on, it became a supply base for the uprising against the Board of Directors. Karl was displeased when he saw that his business would fail by someone else's negligence and sought vengeance with the other workers. The shop still runs today, providing the normal services expected of a gun shop worth their salt. Business is slow, but steady.
Lina's Palace Alcohol, 'Companionship' est. YE 31 'Princess Lina'
If you had no one come home to each evening, coming to this house of ill repute was a viable alternative whether you found solace in a woman's arms or down the neck of a bottle. The Good Princess keeps her customers well cared for and the women under her care clean and healthy. She has a friendly rivalry with Karl since they saw eye to eye on acting upon having customers driven away - but didn't agree with Karl's methods. Once the fighting wound down, the Good Princess downsized her business and focussed on serving alcohol to ease whoever was staying around.
Neppies Fast Food est. YE 32 'Mr. Neppie'
A fast food joint which still sees business in spite of the slim pickings, thanks to the ludicrous tenacity of the branch manager known to the population as Mr. Neppie. Every week he gets a delivery and makes his orders to go. He's happy to keep his shop open since it's one of the few honest forms of employment and people will always munch on fast food, even when there's something better in the fridge.
Ori-Mart Electronics est. YE 32 David Takeyama
The Ori-Mart that was built here still stands in spite of the economic hardships. Smaller than most Ori-Marts, this one still offers the basic assortment of items available to civilians. Takeyama and Karl have a mutual understanding over selling Origin guns, and instead the shop focuses on selling consumer electronics and entertainment.

Together, the four Proprietors make up the unofficial rulers and protectors of the town since they currently control the flow of goods and services. Generally, their leadership style tends to be laid back, letting whoever's staying behind buy what they need.

With the increased population and boom, the Proprietors have allowed new business to spring up. Positive competition and variety has encouraged merchants to be more adventurous.

The Mayor's Office

The official mayor's office fared better after the Big Bust. The civil servants who have decided to stick around call it home and try to carry out their civic duty without a proper mayor. Instead, they collaborate with the four Proprietors if something needs to be done in the city. Until someone more qualified comes along to rule the city, they figure that the Proprietors are better than nobody.

Seiren's Panda Candy Factory

While technically at the very edge of the commercial district, it's counted as Commercial Lane for the sake of convenience and zoning. The facility is a refitted ore processing plant, now dedicated to producing all sorts of wondrous treats that Seiren has invented.

Noted to be Sargasso's first honest business and investment post-bust, as the employment and export were welcomed by the Proprietors of Commercial Lane.


There is a The Pangalactic Chophouse of Waffles (Pan-CHOW) location closer to the end of the commercial lane, next to the Long Road and Seiren's Panda Candy Factory. It is markedly worse than the one at the airport, but remains relatively popular with the factory workers at lunchtime, for some reason.

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