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Sargasso: The Operations

Here is a list of notable areas and locations in Sargasso's Operations district.

Old Mineshafts

A series of Mineshafts used to dot Sargasso's landscape. They have been filled in as Sargasso left its mining roots behind.

  • Alpha Shaft - This was the original mineshaft that followed the iron veins into the earth. It goes into the earth for a kilometre before stopping and starting to wander in different directions in search of other iron veins.
  • Beta Shaft - This mineshaft was the first exploratory shaft, instead of being vertical it started on a slant and slowly went deeper underground in a hasty search of other minerals to mine.
  • Omega Shaft - This was the final shaft that the Mine made before the economic collapse of Sargasso over the agricultural land. It was originally named Gamma Shaft, but the surviving revolters thought that Omega was more appropriate, since it spelt the end of the town's success. It has been built over.

Bacteria Cultivation Arrays (Formerly The Fallow Fields)

The long stretches of untamed land that were once home to the agricultural sector of the city. You can see the occasional grain silo or farmhouse still standing and slowly rotting to the elements. After the addition of the Omega Shaft, the landscape has been soiled by the refuse of the mining operation and has been rendered currently unfit to grow and sustain healthy crops.

In its place, a different venture was created once some more money and ideas came into Sargasso. In YE 37, the fallow fields were transformed into an ocean bacteria reclamation and cultivation array.

It draws water and organic matter from the ocean into long isolation trenches, and creates drinkable water for the town with an on-board desalination process as it re-purposes the organic matter picked up. Some of the matter that can be picked up and processed includes plankton, seaweed, and krill. These items become fertilisers, food products, and vitamin supplements for export. Noted to be Sargasso's second honest business, behind Seiren's Panda Candy.

OOC Notes

More splits because Sargasso's huge.

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