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The Pitched Battlefield

The Pitched Battlefield is a combination nightclub and Aerial Football pitch in Port Jiyuu's Blue Sector. It is usually referred to simply as “The Pitch.” It specializes in cheap “malt beverage” (legally distinct from beer) and “consumable materials” (legally distinct from food).


In YE 38, Kinjo Tiira was attending university studying business management with an emphasis on hospitality but dropped out after he successfully applied for the position of manager of a new night club called The Furious Sound. He saw this as an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in managing a business. He was tasked with increasing the popularity of the club at any cost, and he correctly reasoned that cheap beer would draw a crowd. His long-term strategy was to build the night club into a first-class venue for bands and build profitability by slowly increasing the price of beer. However, his tenure as manager was fraught with complaints that he took time away from his strategy to deal with. In particular, he spent years dealing with noise and health complaints.

In YE 42, after years of unprofitable decisions, he was fired. He started searching for new opportunities, in particular, he wanted to leverage his experience as the manager for The Furious Sound, but his new idea for long-term profitability was to keep the cost of beer low by eventually brewing in-house and using the cheapest possible ingredients. At the end of the year, he caught the ear of a potential investor named Sonoda Akira. However, the investor insisted that Tiira create the new club outside of Kyoto. Tiira, having heard that the Motoyoshi clan was investing heavily in the Yugumo Cluster, started researching and discovered that Port Jiyuu would be completed in early YE 43 and had space available for night clubs.

When was able to secure a particularly large space, approximately 500 cubic meters, he was initially overwhelmed with trying to take full advantage of the entire volume available. He laid out plans for a multi-level club with multiple dancefloors and quiet lounges. Meanwhile, he also struggled to think of ways to make money with the space during the day. While he was watching a game of aerial football, the idea occurred to him: he had enough space for an entire aerial football pitch.

In early YE 43, The Pitched Battlefield opened in Port Jiyuu.

In late YE 44, Kwabba-an played a gig here with a zero-G mosh pit.


The Pitch is shaped like a regulation Aerial Football pitch but with extra space on one side for spectator bleachers and a food stand and bar. During the day it serves as an indoor field available to be booked for amateur matches. At night, the bleachers are folded away and are used for table space while the pitch is used for dancing, both on the floor and in the ample space in the air above. The pitch area is also equipped with anti-gravity technology to allow species without natural anti-gravity abilities to participate in the aerial dance area.

All items are 0.5 KS except where otherwise noted.

  • Pitch Fever “Malted Beverage” (legally distinct from beer)
  • Cylindrical Meat Tube on a Bun (legally distinct from a hot dog)
    • Also available as a “meter-long” for twice the price
  • Flavoured Popcorn
    • Churned Dairy (legally distinct from butter)
    • Fermented Dairy (legally distinct from cheese)
    • Acetic (legally distinct from vinegar)
    • Pepcorn (caution: spicy)
  • Fried Diced Tubers with Curdled Dairy drenched with Brown Sauce


The Pitched Battlefield is located in Port Jiyuu's Blue Sector.


There are 2 types of people in the Kikyo Sector. Those who want good beer and those who want cheap “beer.” The Pitched Battlefield caters to the latter type.


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RP Opportunities

This is an excellent place to go on a loud date, go dancing, catch an aerial football game, or just hang by the bar and meet people.

Local Rumors

  • The reason the “malted beverage” is so cheap, aside from the fact that it clearly doesn't qualify as beer under the Tokyo Purity Law since they don't call it beer, is that they combine the unused dredges of pitchers and serve them to other customers.

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